FBC – 34 – Want To Make Sales Without Spending More Money?

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Want To Make Sales Without Spending More Money?

Today you are going to learn a deadly effective strategy to make more money, with the same amount of traffic, TODAY, without spending ANY money! who would say no to that right?

So today I want to give you a super tip that you can action today and is going to work wonders for you and help your business. So I want you to understand something. Just consider your business like your or your website or whatever.

You know when you were like cooking pasta and stuff right. And then afterwards you need to put the pasta inside a sieve that has holes inside. So let's say businesses like this and you're losing money left and right and you need to make sure that all these holes are dealt with so that you don't lose money. And the one place where you can recover the most money is the abandoned shopping cart on your site.

The abandoned shopping cart is where you get the highest amount of return. If there is something you have to fix in your business, it's the abandoned shopping cart because you know statistically speaking you have 80 percent of the people that will actually drop the cart and just you know leave for whatever reason.

There are different reasons why people do that. And so this is where you need to focus. So you have apps all sorts of things that can help you track that information.

For example if someone drops at the checkout level, they already entered their email and since you have an e-mail, BAM you shoot them an email and then you might get them back. It doesn't cost you anything. That's where our ally is. OK. So in ideal circumstances this is what you want to do. But you might tell me “dude I don't have people's e-mail address and I don't have that mechanism, or if I have its like super expensive and stuff and I don't have the funds to do it”

So there are alternatives to this. OK. So we're going to work on some of them for free.

You don't have to buy anything. It's going to be free. Free advice. You implement it you'll see that it will do wonders for you. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. So let me explain what happens. So as I said you know statistically speaking of 80 percent of the people will see your offer or you're going to drop it. So you have some people who are actually going to buy your stuff. OK.

So maybe I don't know three 4 percent or something will buy your stuff and the rest will leave. So people land on your on your Web site. OK. And here is what's going to happen. Some people will buy. So you know as I said maybe like 3 4 percent buy your stuff and the rest are going to leave. Ninety six percent of that traffic is going to leave. But out of those out of those 96 percent, there are people who are going to leave and forget about you, but there are people who are going to leave and try and figure out if you're trustworthy and if they should buy from you. OK.

So it's not just a marginal percentage right. So nowadays people rely on social proof and reviews. Other people's experience with your brand.

So your decision making process, when purchasing is very influenced, whether you know it or not, by reviews. OK. And so this is something you can use to your advantage. So we are going to use reviews. OK. The 96 percent of people who left the site, there’s a percentage of them are going to check the reviews to figure out if you're trustworthy.

So they're going to type your product name and “reviews”. So let's say your product name is counter pain. I just have this like these patches that you put on your back or your neck like an old man and because they will they're like heat packs of stuff because my back hurts in my neck. People are going to type “Counter pain reviews”. OK. And. And I mean a certain number of people are going to do this like a fairly big percentage.

Want To Make Sales Without Spending More Money?

So it's very easy for you to basically create a review site that says OK so don't lie under review right. So under review what I suggest you do is basically explain the product as if you were explaining the benefits to someone yourself. So you're basically going to say “oh you know what? I had this back problem. It was horrible. I woke up one morning. I couldn't move and stuff. I tried different things that didn't work. And eventually I found this. It's really awesome!”

But don’t go over the top. You basically have to give them the upside, but you know just tell them “Oh yeah. But if you want to do this then that's not the right product for you but if you want to you know find a solution to your back problems it helps”. Make sure you’re offering both sides. A review that's overly positive looks fake right. So you want to be fair. All right be fair on your product. So if your product for example more expensive than the market. OK.

So you'll say well you know what. “This product is absolutely awesome. It's a bit more expensive than the other products on the market. But the advantage is that it's better quality”.

And this is free. You don't have to pay anybody. You don’t have to pay for traffic. This is traffic that you already had. But that was leaking from your Web site. It can be implemented today. You do it today and you will be able to rank super high in Google or you will be able to rank in like 48 hours or 24 hours you're the only one fighting for that keyword. And if you want you can actually create like different reviews right.

And you know of course. Don't lie in the reviews. So maybe you can work an angle in one review. The first review as I said you can you can say well you know what. In terms of pricing you know there are other options there might be cheaper for you. And then in the in the second review for example you might work on a like a different angle.

I don't know like he'll be you can say something like oh “you know what? The delivery and stuff is better than the other one and statistically speaking there are fewer side effects” or whatever. I don't know. But you work different angles. Right. So that the reviews don't look the same. They’re not just a copy and paste. And creating a review site is really not complicated.

What you can do is you can go on WordPress. You can create a free WordPress blog. So you don't actually need in this case to buy your domain or something. You can host that review site WordPress.

This trick will really help to get back some of those lost shopping cart customers!!

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