FBC – 37 – Easy Trick To Stop Wasting Money On Fake Clicks

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In this episode you will learn how a guy received a million dollars back from Facebook and google for fake clicks. How you can avoid wasting money on those fake clicks. Here are the links I mentioned in the podcast:

How to block fake clicks:


How to delay your Facebook pixel:


So today we're going to talk about something really advanced.

So yesterday we talked about gee what was it again something really cool.

What's the bounce rate?

So hopefully you guys will look at your bounce rate and you're trying to find ways to circumvent this to improve your efficiency. OK. So there is something else I want to tell you.

So there is a guy in an interview and he was explaining how he managed to get something like a million dollars back refunded by Facebook and Google. And the reason was that he did some extensive testing and stuff with you know for it like maybe like a year or something and it's the data has been backed up by a lot of people.

And what happened is that when you're doing a Facebook campaign and you get clicks. Something like 20 percent 20 to 30 percent of these clicks are actually bots. These are Facebook bots. All right. So they're deliberately sending clicks to your Web site. But these are not real people because obviously you pay by click right. So the more clicks the more money they make.

But they are sending you fake clicks which you know is bad. So it's like 20 to 30 percent of the clicks you're getting are actually going to Nowhere Man. Because these are bots!

So the guy launched a full scale investigation and he sued them and he was able to get his money back. Right. So you know I don't want you to go and sue you know Facebook or Google but you might actually win a lot of money with it. But there are things you can do to you know to solve this problem.

So yesterday I told you that you already have a bounce rate problem right. So you Oh you're already losing 80 percent of the clicks there. But just imagine if the 20 percent remaining, have 30 percent of bots and you're losing even more money. So you want to avoid this.

So there is a tool that I'm going to refer you guys to on the blog. I will give you a tool that will allow you to block fake clicks. All right. So you can actually stop those fake clicks. So Facebook already charged you for this clicks but you can prevent these fake clicks from landing on your Web site. Why would you do that?

It's because you're going to do some retargeting afterwards. And the last thing you want is to spend retargeting money trying to retarget a bot which is obviously not going to buy anything from you. Right. So you've already lost the money on the front end. Don't lose it on the back end. OK. So that's one thing you can do. So I'll give you like resources and stuff of where you can get that tool.

And actually I'm going to I'm going to put a link in this in this podcast. You can click on that and you can get this tool. So it's cool. It will allow you to create a pretty link. It allows you to rewrite a link and block it basically. And in addition to this, the tool is automatically set up to block these fake clicks so that you don't lose money on your retargeting efforts. OK. So that's one thing you can do you'll have that in the description of this of this podcast.

But there is also something else you can do. So this this dude was pretty smart. And what he did was that he changed the code of the Facebook pixel that you get in your Facebook account. You can actually change the behaviour so that you will solve that problem. So when you're thinking about how does the bot work?

Easy Trick To Stop Wasting Money On Fake Clicks

So basically Facebook will send you something like 30 percent of your clicks that are going to be bots. But the bot is not sticking around on your Web site. They land on your Web site. They'll stay for like a second and then bam they drop. So what can you do if you want to avoid retargeting bots?

It's really just delaying the time when your Facebook pixel will fire. OK so that for let's say for example you will delay the pixel and wait three seconds before you fire the pixel so all the bots would have left by now.

By then all the bouncers would have left as well. So people who basically got to your Web site and bounced haven't seen anything. OK. Retargeting works with people who have seen your stuff so you only want to retarget those people, you don't want to retarget people who just bounce. But you don't want to retarget them with the same product that they’ve already seen. And obviously you don't want to retarget those bots.

So if you delay the activation of your pixel then it's going to do wonders for you because you'll save a lot of money on your retargeting efforts. And at the same time if you delay the the activation of the Pixel it's the script.

So you have to understand that the scripts are running on your Web site. They slow your website down and it could be a reason why people are bouncing. Maybe because it takes too much time for the Web site to load.

So the quicker you can have your Web site load the better. And by delaying the pixel activation then it does help. But the main purpose of this is to make sure that you get rid of the fake clicks and the bots that Facebook is sending you and all the bouncers out of the way so that you’re retargeting people with like laser retargeting and you're getting better results.

So what I'm going to do is find a blog where someone is explaining how they do it and how they delay the pixel. And I'm just going to give you that resource.

I just did a research on the Internet. I found this blog here and it looks like the code that I've applied on my Web site as well because I've done the same thing. So you can go in there and use that methodology and this is going to save you a lot of money.

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