FBC – 38 – Million Dollar Smile: It’s Time You Got One Too

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Million Dollar Smile: It's Time You Got One Too.

Today we are going to discuss how far a smile and a positive attitude can take you. Also I would like to invite you to my smile for a full week challenge that can do wonders for your life.

So I don't read books anymore. I listen to books. Audio books are one of the best inventions on this planet!

It's absolutely crazy. I love them and I do quote unquote read way more than I used to before. Because for me I mean reading is more like some sort of ritual. You know it's like a ceremony. So I need to get my book I need to find a place where I can lie down or I can read and there is no noise and blah blah blah blah. And you know you always find an excuse not to read.

I mean for me it requires preparation whereas with audio books I just have my headphones and I just listen to the books. I just listened recently to a beautiful book I absolutely love it. It's “how to win friends and influence people”.

So it is basically explaining stuff that you can do to improve your relationship with people and how you can be more agreeable and stuff like that. Which helps when you have to deal with people. And one of the things in the book was that when you smile you know a smile is like super precious. When people smile, it actually changes the dynamic of your face.

I'm also listening to a Grant Cardone book the. I think what was the name of the book again the closer like the closer of secrets something I don't remember the exact name of the book. And in his book he's basically saying you should smile in every single circumstance. I mean regardless how bad the situation is. You need to smile.

So that's that’s the challenge for me right now is trying not to be like grumpy or something and try to smile. So this morning it wasn't possible for me to do it. Yeah it was hard.

You know there is a power in a smile right. And that’s the thing. Like the most successful people. I strongly believe this. They are successful not because I mean there is money not because they're successful they became successful because they managed to do this when you were like in situations where while you need something from someone you need to negotiate some contracts and stuff.

One of the mental triggers you know that influences your decisions is likability. If people like you they're more likely to do business with you. If you're a complete jerk and everybody hates you. Well of course I'm not going to work with you.

But if you're like super cool and you're always smiling and have a good experience when they're with you. Of course who doesn't want you to work with someone who's nice and easy to deal with. So that's the thing.

Maybe when you when you see these guys on or like cover of magazines and stuff smiling like Richard Branson. I mean this guy is amazing. I bought some of his books. I really want you to understand this guy. I think I saw on Facebook sometimes you see like videos like these motivational videos telling you about you know this guy or this woman's life and stuff you know for example Oprah.

Jesus Christ her life was so bad. Oprah or Tony Robbins. Like their lives were horrible. And I think Richard Branson had pretty much the same thing. I think he was like dyslexic and something like this I don't remember. But I really want to read more about the guy. But when you look at the guy like honestly have you seen him. I saw him recently I was looking at Shark Tank on YouTube and I was watching a bunch of old episodes and I mean honestly just looking at the guy, he was smiling all the time.

So I do understand how this guy actually became successful because he actually makes people like him. And when people like you they will work with you. So this is my challenge at the moment because I can be grumpy right. I don't take things too seriously unless I find it unfair. If there is something that I find unfair I will have a hard time smiling. And I'm trying to work on that because this is causing me like problems and tensions.

Million Dollar Smile: It's Time You Got One Too

So that's my main demon. I'll say that I my challenge right now is to try to smile even when you think that the situation is unfair. Don't show it and you know try to smile and try to find a peaceful solution to a situation.

So that was that was pretty much it for today's podcast. I think it's a lesson. It's a life experience. I'm trying to take a few things out of the book and learn the lessons that I can get from there. And this is not just you know for your business to get more contracts or something but it's more in your relationship with other people around you.

And you know if you if you apply this, all the relationships you have with people are you going to improve. It's going to make you happier because you know you have fewer tensions with people.

So basically my challenge is to do it for a full week.

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