FBC – 44 – Get everything done without spending any money?

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Today we are going to discuss how you can get anything done for your business without spending any money. You'll be amazed by the number of things you can get without opening your wallet.

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I don't know if this is an urban legend or an actual story because it sounds a little bit farfetched. I think its true right. I haven't verified the facts but this is the word on the streets about the story in question.

So there is this dude in France who started swapping stuff with people. And he decided for it to vary since I don't know what his motivations were. I need to do some research on this but the story goes that he started with a paper clip. Yeah a paper clip that he swapped for a pen, through this website. And then from the pen, it went on and on and he eventually ended up with a house.

So he started with a paper clip and he ended up with a house. So I haven't verified the facts. You know a lot of people told me about it but it's not a guarantee of authenticity right.  I don't know the guy's motivations why he decided to do it, but it took him a few years. It's not like he went straight from a paperclip to a house and it's not like he ended up with a mansion. OK.

So it's a house maybe in the middle of nowhere in. The countryside or something like a small house that maybe had to work on or whatever. But anyway the quality of the House is not a problem.

The thing is that he started with nothing. He started with a paperclip right. So why am I telling you this story which again is hardly believable? Because sometimes you when you're just getting started you have limited funds right. And this is stopping you from doing everything.

So I joined this this group of people who basically work together and do some JV (joint ventures) and the concept is to exchange services and skills right instead of like monetary exchange.

Get everything done without spending any money

So there’s this one guy. He generates traffic for people and he had this client who needed Facebook updates, and he actually needed a car. And basically he was like “well you know what? I'll take care of your campaigns and you give me one of those cars, so I can I can drive it around and stuff and at regular intervals, I will come and change the car so I get a new car all the time.

So he's always driving a new car and he doesn't have to pay for the car because he's providing a service that pays for the car.

I have a good buddy Charlie. He managed to get free offices now with the same kind of techniques. Right. So I don't know exactly what he exchanged for but he managed to have a free office space. Right. So you can do some really creative stuff with this and you can do some really crazy deals you know.

So I want you to keep that those sorts of deals in mind when you're just starting out. And when you think that your options are limited because you don't have the funds. Yes. You don't have the funds but you might have some skills that someone else needs and they have something you need.

Try to identify the skills you could trade with people, and identify people in your entourage that you could trade these skills with or you could bring something to them. So basically you identify what they need looking at what they're doing and stuff. You can go like go “Dude while I check your Instagram I think we can make it 10 times better. Here is what I can do for you. And in exchange I'm not going to ask you to pay anything. Can you do this for me in exchange?

Nobody will say no to that. If you understand exactly what they need and what they want then they’re not going to say no.

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