FBC – 47 – Are you expert enough to teach other people?

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Are you expert enough to teach other people?

Do you think you have the legitimacy to teach other people without a diploma or a certification? Answer inside………..

So today we are going to talk about the expert status and certifications and diploma stuff. I met some people today who asked me what I do.

And I'm like “well you know what? I work on line and teach people about online marketing and how to build businesses”. And they were like “Oh so that's awesome. What did you study?” So I told them that I studied languages. So they asked “what you mean you studied languages? How are you teaching people how to build businesses?”

It’s a question that I get from a lot of people. And right now, a lot of you guys think that you can't teach stuff to other people because you don't have the Super diploma from this university or you don't have the certificate from this or that and it's you know it's actually not necessary.

So unless you're doing heart surgery or something unique, in that case yes you can get some sort of certification or something, you know because people's lives are at stake but for you know what we're doing here, teaching people what we do, you don't need a certificate.

The best teacher is experience, right? Your actions are actually your certificate. OK so if you've been able to successfully build a shed or something, or you are doing woodworking and you've built 300 tables, I mean who cares if you have the certificate to do that stuff, right?

You've been doing that forever and repetition has given you something that's way more valuable than a certificate or a diploma. So that's why I was there trying to explain this to them I did not have a certificate. I don't actually need one. I've built several businesses. They just work and I became very good at building stuff that worked without me.

So I don't even know if there is a certificate for that particular discipline but even if there was it's not like I will feel bad that I don't have it because you know I do it every day. This is my life. And after you've done things successfully for quite a while then you can be an expert in the field.

And there are also things that you do instinctively, like you've been doing that for so long that you know you just assume that everybody knows this stuff. It is called the “curse of knowledge”. I think I've already told you about this. It’s when you've been doing something for so long that it becomes normal for you and you just assume that everybody knows this stuff and everybody can do that. But it's not the case.

Are you expert enough to teach other people?

So the easiest way for you to find the area where you're an expert is to look at the areas where stuff just feels natural for you. Okay. You will feel natural just because you've done it so many times that you are an expert, you know your way around it and you'll be surprised when you talk to people who can't even imagine that. For some people it’s like witchcraft or dark magic or something.

But for you it's just super easy. And again if its second nature, it's because you've trained so much that you became such an expert that it's easy for you and this is what you can try and teach to people.

So when you want to teach something, you'll have to deconstruct it. So, analyse how you're doing it because right now it's like muscle memory right. You just do it. You don't think about how you're doing it. So once you find this you will deconstruct it to understand what you're doing. And then afterwards you understand why it works.

Maybe you play football? Maybe you're like a landscape artist? You surely have a skill that you just assume everybody has. Well you don't need the big diploma or whatever to be able to teach it. You don't need it.

You just write down your method. So step one step two step three step four, etc. and BAM you put that in a program. “Well this is what I do and blah blah. This is why it works”. And then you'll be surprised how many people will see this is as a lifesaver!!

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