FBC – 48 – Don’t be too quick to judge…

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Today we are going to do a trip down memory lane and I will share with you a story from my past that I use to this day as a wake up call….Don't be too quick to judge.

I want to tell you some of my story. Something that happened to me before and it’s maybe something that can give a wakeup call to a lot of us, maybe, hopefully all of us.

I think it was like eight years ago. So I was working in France and I had a girlfriend at the time and we wanted to go to this restaurant where you eat in the dark. So I don't know if you heard about it. I think there is one in New York as well. And you know a bunch of cities. I've done one in Prague as well but the first one I did was in Paris. OK. So it's actually pretty funny.

So you get there and the way it works is that when you book, they will ask you if you want menu A or Menu B. You have no idea what's in the menu. So they will ask you obviously if you have any allergy or something. But you know that's all you know. And your job will be at some point to determine what you what you're eating.

So you get there and you know I was expecting something like You know it's in the dark but you can actually see a little bit or whatever, but it's like pitch black, you can't see anything!

So the waiter is blind. He can't see. Well obviously he or she knows how to manoeuvre and how to walk around in a dark room because they do it all the time and they have their own way of like you know manoeuvring and stuff.  You enter in groups and you need to hold the shoulder of the person in front of you and basically the waiter is going to guide you to your to your seat. All right.

So you know it takes a little bit of luck a little bit of time to get seated. And the tables are very close to one another. So basically you don't have any elbow room right. You're like right next to your neighbour as if he was your date or something. So I was in the room and I was like “oh you know what? I'm going to focus on the noises and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to figure out where the noise is coming from and I'll determine what size and what shape the room is”.

So this couple that I told you about they were sitting right next to us and you know in those circumstances when you're very vulnerable which we were because we couldn't see anything and we're not used to it. Well you make friends with people around you. So we started making friends with the couple that was right next to us and next to me was the woman or the girl.

So she was sitting on my left. And we started talking. So the whole experience lasted like an hour and a half. So for an hour and a half we were chatting with these people and this woman she was smart, she was funny, she had a lot of conversations, she knew a lot of culture and she had like really good values and everything. And I couldn't see her. I couldn't see her but just by talking to someone you can see. I mean I knew she was a beautiful person.

So I didn't have to see her. I knew she was beautiful. We have five senses that we have. But the main sense we rely on is our eyesight. And once this is taken away from you, then it's like uncharted territory.

At the end of the experience what happens is that you leave the room and you have to wait in a like a semi dark room before so that your eyes can adjust you know because if you go back from if you go back from complete darkness to light, I think you messes up your or your eyes or something.

And then we get up and we get out. And the first thing that happens when you get out is they ask you what did you eat? Because that's the whole challenge. So the challenge in there is to forget about your eyesight and you need to focus and determine what you are eating, and also if you if you lose your eyesight maybe the other senses are heightened.

And the food tastes way better when you're eating like blindfolded or something right? So that was the whole experience was to see how different the taste was. So anyway I get out and the dude is like “oh what did you eat? I'm like “oh man that chicken was good”. And the dude said “that was fish bro”. Yeah that was funny!

So then we met the people again who sat with us. And this is the point of my podcast.

Don't be too quick to judge…

This girl was completely different from what I expected. So when she came out I saw a girl that looks like Paris Hilton. And I froze for a moment. And at that point I realized something. And now we'll get to my point. My point is that as much as you think that you don't judge a book by its cover. As much as you think you don't do it, you actually do. And this was a realization for me. You know I made a vow not to judge people like that.

You know you don't know people. You see them and you start judging them and stuff. I don't like it. Reason why I don’t like it is because I had to endure it. And I found it unfair and I promised myself that I will never do that to someone and I always consciously made an effort. But as much as you can try consciously, there is always this unconscious thing but you don't realize until you end up in a situation like this.

When she came out I was like wow I would never have talked to her if I saw in the streets. I would have just assumed that she was this really shallow girl who thinks about shopping and stuff and I never would have talked to her. And now I would have missed a beautiful soul because again she was absolutely amazing. We had the most amazing time. And from that point on every time I realized because sometimes you need to stop judging people you know. Give them a chance!

I want you guys to remember this. It's not that you're a bad person if you doing this. I don't think I'm a bad person. It's not that you're a bad person. It’s that there are things so engraved in your subconscious that sometimes you don't actually realize it. So that's what I'm trying to say here.

And that will allow you to meet some really amazing people.

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