FBC – 57 – Let go of the past and don’t cry over spilt milk

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In this episode we are going to discuss how you can let go of the past in order to devote all your attention to creating a better future.

So for today I wanted to talk to you about something. I will start with a story. It's the story of a friend of mine and it's a pretty sad story. And then there is a lesson to it. I want you to listen and I want you to make the necessary changes.

So I have this friend who fell in love with this with this girl. OK. And what she didn't want anything to do with him. The thing is I have seen my friend waste a good five years still trying to get involved with this girl. A good five years wasted of his life trying to fix the past. And this is very sad.

So the problem for this girl was the way they met. So they met in certain circumstances. It was heated. Everybody was screaming and throwing objects and stuff. It was crazy stuff right. It was like fighting and everything. So I was like dude don't get too involved. Don't ask too many questions. But her problem was the way they met. And for some reason my buddy never understood this. And I tried to explain but when someone who's passionate and is in love and everything, they don't think right.

And this is the lesson for today. The thing is that the way they met is never going to change. So it happened. There is nothing you can do about it. It's done. You can't change it. Don't try it. But I see so many people dwelling in the past, over past mistakes and they're trying to like correct them or something. So don't get stuck in the past or try to fix something that can't be fixed.

So you need to be able to accept the fact that some things can't be changed right. It's done. You know the expression don't cry over spilt milk. The milk is already down the drain. So you need to have you to accept the fact that things can't change. And if you have the wisdom to accept this, then there is something you can do.

The second thing you need to have is the strength, the fortitude and the grit to change what you can change. All right. So you see people and there are things that they can change, but they don't do it. And there is another thing. You need to be a lucid enough to understand the difference between both.

Let go of the past and don't cry over spilt milk

So the way I look at it is that I am not going to desperately try and mend a broken relationship. I'm not. But what I'm going to do is to make sure that this doesn't happen in the future. So instead of fixing the past I am trying to make sure that the future is better.

But that’s just on a personal level. It's going to hurt you as well. But also on a business level, every minute you spend aggravating or thinking about what happened 20 years ago then you're missing one minute to move forward towards your dreams. And you know people do that for a lifetime and stuff. Well you do have time. It's just that you don't use it properly.

Just use it you look at the future. Some people are like “dude I don't know how you do it. You manage to do so many things” and stuff like that. It's just because my mind is a hundred percent in what I'm doing. I love doing this stuff. But you know if I spent half my day aggravating on stuff, that's half a day that I lost on negativity and it doesn't help me move forward.

So for your physical and mental integrity I really suggest understanding the fact that you need to be wise enough to accept that some things cannot change. Don't try to change it. Stop aggravating it. Then you need to have the strength to change the things you can change. So even if it sucks. Even if it takes time. Even if you're tired. If you really want something, you need to go after it. OK.

So please have a look at your life, yourself and try to identify those things where you've been holding this grudge, or you’ve been trying to fix something for a long time. Just let it go and move on. Stay positive and look to the future.

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