FBC – 63 – It’s on baby! My new website is up

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It's on baby! My new website is up.

Today is a big day for me! My baby is born. Without further ado, here are the important links. My website:

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So today is the big launch for the website finally because I am exhausted.

I'm very happy and relieved that everything is good and the website is good. And you can go and see my baby you can see my new baby. My first personal blog. You know like personal branding blog. Right.

So on the homepage you have a bunch of links that will take you to the different courses that I have for you. I wanted to do that for you guys because the main problem you have when you're just starting out is that there are too many options and you don't know what to choose, you’re overwhelmed and you don't know how stuff works.

So I decided to give you a rundown of a few business models that you can choose from. You know when you're starting like Oh but how does that work. Do I go with Amazon, don't go with this. Yeah it's confusing even when you were like a little bit more advanced. It's confusing because you have too many options and shiny object syndrome and everything. So I decided to do a training that I wish I had when I started.

So you'll be able to get access to these four trainings. If you go to the courses section you can find them in there at the bottom of the footer. You'll find my book, the book I've been telling you about. And you can find that book in the courses section as well.

You'll see me on video there explaining a little bit about what happens on this page and under that you have my most trusted resources because this is one thing I wanted to give you as well. So these are honest video reviews OK. I show you exactly why I use it and you know how it works and all that stuff. And these are all tools that I use myself. OK.

So I give you what I use so that you can replicate what I do. But only of course if they integrate with what you want to do. OK. Don't go and just buy something because it was in my trusted resources. Just take them if it fits in your strategy and if it helps you in any way because it is something you were looking for.

I also created the Facebook group. I'll put the link in the confirmation email. So you will have the link to join the Facebook group. And there is a link at the very bottom of the site where you have the logo of Facebook. You click on it and you can join the group. All right.

It's on baby! My new website is up

So yeah. That's pretty much it guys. Now you see the all the information in there is you know it's just like this podcast is everything is heartfelt and everything comes from my experience. OK. I'm not giving you anything I haven't done or something you know I don't know anything about what you seen there is what I know. All right. And does that mean a web website. It's me. You will learn a lot about me if you like this podcast and you know you'll like it. All right.

And it will be another way to connect and yeah. That's pretty much it. There is something else I wanted to say right now. I'm so excited. Really excited. Anyway we're reaching the like the 10 minute mark. I don't have anything more to say except just go crazy so I'll put the links in this podcast in the description. You can go and check it out and let me know how it is.

There is a contact form in there. So you can contact me from there. But there is something even cooler right. You can get access to my VIP contacts. So the VIP contacts are pretty cool because this is where I'll make announcements that only do there right. I like to mix things up right, so I'll make some announcement only in those VIP contacts because the people who make the effort of joining the VIP contact will be rewarded for that.

And I will send them exclusive offers and like free trainings and stuff, so make sure you sign up to the VIP contacts.  If you opt in and to any of the trainings, you will have access to a member’s area. So you'll have to enter your email. You get a member's area. You'll see it's pretty cool. And on the thank you page you will be able to say hi to Martin and then it will open a window and just click on and get started and that's it. You are in my VIP contacts and we'll be best buddies. That will be awesome.

Okay so I'm really pumped up about this. The links are in the description of this podcast and make sure to go and check it out.

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