FBC – 66 – The 1 Thing You Need To Teach Other People

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The 1 Thing You Need To Teach Other People.

Most of us are dead wrong when it comes to identifying the single most important thing that allows you to teach others. We will explore it in this episode.

Right now I'm in a magical place it's absolutely beautiful. It’s a hotel.

What happens here is that they have a hospitality school here in summer, where I am right now. And the concept is pretty cool actually. So it's all volunteers. So you have kids that are coming from Europe. So they're usually like 22 or 23 or something so they're usually finishing their master's degree in Business Administration or hospitality or something and they come here for like six months on the island and they will train a group of 60 local kids.

So the kids are handpicked by the volunteers and they will identify the kids that will be suitable for this kind of thing. They go check with the parents and everything and they give them this opportunity. So it's like a boarding school and they stay here and for a year they'll teach them everything, including English and hospitality and like everything.

The woman managing this is Dutch and she has so many connections with hotels and stuff like that that they pretty much have a job guaranteed when they leave here and they can provide for their families as well. And yeah it's absolutely amazing that you know being able to participate in such initiatives, so when you stay here, the money actually goes to the foundation to make this possible because it's just volunteers here and the woman who manages the whole thing.

And this is one thing that I really want you guys to understand. These kids who are coming from Europe are not experts right. They're not. When they get here they need to get some training as well. It's not like they've done that all their life.  And they're teaching other kids. So this is a lesson for you. It's just that you need to understand something. You don't have to be the biggest expert on the planet. You just have to be one step ahead of who you're teaching. All right.

That's very important. One step ahead of the person you're teaching. These volunteers are staying for six months to teach the local kids here. They're not experts but they just know a little bit more than the other kids and they show them what they know.  And it doesn't mean that they're going to stay at that level. Right. So they know that when you're teaching something to someone, remember you just have to be one step ahead of the person.

The 1 Thing You Need To Teach Other People

But this doesn't mean that you're going to stay at the same level. You're going to increase your skills and eventually you might become one of those experts that you thought was necessary to be able to teach something. All right but yeah it's pretty much the reason I think it's stopping a lot of you guys saying that.

I'm pretty sure you've done some stuff and I'm pretty sure that you are way ahead of the majority of people but you just don't realize it because you're looking at the wrong things. You're looking at what some experts or whatever are doing and you're not at the same level. But you don't need to be at the same level.

And it's important that in your head yourself you're convinced that what you're doing can actually help these people and that you are entitled to help these people. All right. Once you get over that mental block then it will unlock a lot of things for you and a lot of opportunities and you'll realize how advanced you actually are when you're being compared to the rest of the population.

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