FBC – 67 – Get 6 months Holiday without having to quit Your Job

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Today I'm going to give you a couple of useful tips to get 6 months off each year without ever having to quit your job.

If you are looking for a solution to work less, live more and get more time, then you are in the right place.

It is episode number 67. And that means that we actually hit our milestones of creating a new habit. I'm very happy about it. I'm very happy to share this information with you.

So for today's podcast I  wanted to tell you about a question that I got from someone I met on the island and I think that can apply to you, So I was talking to some dude over there and he asked me “what do you do?” And he started asking me all sorts of questions. And he we came to the subject of when you should quit your job.

He was worried about that because he has kids and everything which I do understand. I didn't have kids or anything when I quit my job. So it was easier for me.

And I told him it’s not necessary. You don't have to quit your job. You don't have to. The first thing that I what I would recommend is if you have a business idea, start a business on the side. Right. You know like I did. And then once you start having some traction, until you get a few months in a row like four or five months in a row. Don't quit your job after the first like the first month.

Because it could be a happy month you know could be a fluke or whatever. All right. So wait until you can do it consistently and then at that point you can decide to quit your job. So that's an option. You can quit your job but I recommended quit your job after you have a few months in a row, where you can predict what you're going to get.

Get 6 months Holiday without having to quit Your Job

I told them dude, you don't have to quit your job. And he was like “but how does that work? How can you?” Because what he wanted to be able to travel and he said “well I've I have a job and I have two weeks holiday or something every year and that doesn't allow me to travel as much as I want. And how could I achieve this without quitting my job?”

Well here’s an example. I was on a beach in Thailand, getting a massage. And next to me there is this woman. She was staying in Thailand for 4 months but she still had a job. She was from Germany and she was a nurse. Here’s how she did it. She went to see the hospital boss. And she told him “here's what we're going to do. I want to be able to travel as much as I can but you know with my job, it’s complicated.

So here is what I propose;

So she is going to work full time for six months at the hospital but she is only going to get paid as if she was working part time all right. So for six months she works there, but the other six months she is not working at all.  She is on holiday and she's paid at the same time.

So the boss didn’t have to change anything in terms of salary or whatever because he's paying the same thing. And it's not a big problem for him. Then the only thing is for him to accept the fact that she is not going to be there like half the time during the year. They worked out a deal where they have enough people there to replace her. So that way she was able to balance work life and private life.

So she was able to travel without having to worry about how to finance that because she had a steady stream of income.

So what I want to say is that if you're creative then you can actually get stuff done without necessarily quitting your job or anything. You just have to think outside the box. And she taught me the answer man. This is awesome. And so this is one example. So I don't know if it's possible in your line of work but if your objective is to be able to have time off like three months whatever.

So if it's three months for example you work out a deal where they will pay you three quarters of your salary for example and then for three months you're not there. You know if it's feasible for the company to allow you to do that then this is something you can get your boss to accept.

Sometimes you just have to be creative and work out some deal and exchange something. You know you have a skill that they need and you can work something out.

This is what I wanted to do to tell you today is think outside the box in terms of lifestyle and how you can fit your business in your life that your job or your business or whatever. It's not just black and white. Like well I have a job or I don't have a job. I quit everything and then I have to worry about how I'm going to pay my bills and stuff or I will just go part time and struggle and stay there and all that stuff.

Well you can do that. You can go part time but you make less money. But sometimes when people go part time they're usually stuck in the same cycle because when you work part time you will work pretty much every day and or maybe three days out of the week and then you'll be off you know.

But still you have to be there. I'd never thought about a concept where you could work part time but like during the year you were six months and then you don't work.

You know it's pretty cool. So that's what I wanted to tell you. These are the little things that you can think about and try to prepare it for your boss or whatever, so that you can go and live your dream.

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