FBC – 7 – Become Unshakable With This Motivational Tool In Your Arsenal

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Hello guys, today we are going to talk about a weapon that you absolutely need in your arsenal if you want to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. Become Unshakable With This Motivational Tool In Your Arsenal.

This is, to me, one the biggest makers or breakers of success! Let's explore together one of the key differences between people who succeed and people who fail. Also in the podcast some personal updates and family stories have a great day guys.

Hey guys how's it going. So this is your host. Martin again and I want to welcome you to episode number 7.

I wanted to touch base on something today and this is super important. This is the most important thing you need to do and it’s crucial. Everything I say is crucial but this is especially crucial. So I want to talk to you about finding a reason why. So what does that even mean? So you might have heard this from different people. Now I will tell you my experience about the reason why.

But first of all, why is a reason why so important? It's super important. So for people like me. Why do I need to do this? Let's say for example you have a buddy who told you “dude I didn't sleep last night”. What do you ask him? Why? Or someone tells you “I have decided to change my diet”.  So what is the first thing you ask that person?…. Why?

You know so there's a reason why the person did this. And it's a question that we ask because we need to have a reason. We need something that drives us. OK. And we're prone to ask that question to other people. And the reason why, is going to do two different things.  First of all it’s going to do something for you as an individual, you know, just for you. And it’s going to do something for others as well.

So the first thing and I think the most important thing is that if you have a reason why, it will drive you and it will help you think during hard times OK. And that's the most important thing because; being an entrepreneur is not always pleasant. It's not always easy. And if you don't have a good enough reason to do what you're doing right now you're going to give up, the minute it becomes complicated.

So let's say I don't know you want a red sports car. So you just want that car. There is absolutely no reason why you want it. So you want the car and you have to go and do something really complicated like manual labour and stuff under the sun, the rain and everything. And well at some point you'd be like “you know what? I can’t deal with that stuff. I can do without it and I can do without the car”.

The car can wait and you'll stop doing it. OK. Whereas if you have a reason why. So something deep that you really want to achieve, then you're not going to stop when it gets hard. So let's say for example your kid is sick and you need money to pay the medical bills and stuff. This is a powerful reason why you want to do something. So no matter what happens, matter.

And you need to find that reason why. It's something that only you can find. This is crucial if you want to start a business. It is crucial that you have a reason why. So not for money by itself or a big house these are not powerful reasons. Money is not a powerful enough motivator trust me. When the shit hits the fan and it becomes really hard, you will basically give up and be like wow you know what I wasn't destined to have money or whatever.

But again if you have something like, you want to retire your mom for example. Your mom has been working all her life. She has a difficult job and you want your mom to be able to retire and to enjoy you know basically her retirement and be happy. You are going to work your butt off to make it happen. Okay so this is the first thing. The reason why, is going to give you the endurance, the strength and the grit to keep going.

Become Unshakable With This Motivational Tool In Your Arsenal.

The second thing is that your reason why will inspire others!! So if the reason why you're doing this resonates with people, they will follow you. If you are fighting for equality for example. OK. This is what you want in life no matter what happens you're going to fight for it because you think it's fair. This is what you're fighting for. OK.

So if the people just see you demonstrating for something, with lots of other people, then they have no idea why you're doing it personally, and they won't care. But if for example, they can understand why you're doing this, they will follow you. So it's very important.

So if you want a following, it's very important to tell them what you are doing, but more importantly, you need to tell them why you're doing it. The why, is the important thing and this is what inspires people and gets people to resonate with you and follow you because they believe in the same things.

So my reason WHY…..is because I want to have a CHOICE!

That's what I want. That's the reason why the podcast is called Freedom Of Choice. This is what I want. So basically, regardless how much money I make or anything like that, I will never stop until I feel I have a choice and I'm not forced to do anything. So when things get complicated I basically visualize the time when you know, whatever I'm doing….. I won't have to do anymore.

I developed this hunger for choice and this has been driving me for forever now. So a lot of my decisions are based on well once I'm in that situation, well I have a choice. So if I work with just one client exclusively then I'm kind of stuck. They can act funny and then I'm dependent on this client, I'd rather have more choice.

Have more clients than then you know, if they want to play it smart or whatever, I can get rid of them. I always want a choice. So that's you know, my why. That's why I do it. You know to have my choice which for me is different than freedom.

Freedom for me is just a manifestation of choice. So you’re free when you're out. You have a choice to do whatever you want. So the deeper thing was choice for me. Which brings me to the other points I wanted to make. How do you find it? You know people ask “but how do you find out why?” And there are a lot of traps and hurdles that you'll encounter on your way because I think there are different levels.

This is just how I see things in my interpretation. But there are different levels. There is the surface Why. All right. So the surface why is that, well you want that car right? And with me for example it was under the surface why is that something that it's very easily influenced by others. Okay I'm going to give you an example.

My surface why, is that I want to travel all year man!  So I was convinced that this is what I wanted. I was like “dude I'm going to build a business and I want to travel all year”. And when you meet I meet a lot of people who are working online, this is what they tell me. They're like “Oh I want to travel all year”, but this to me is surface why and the surface why, is very easily influenced by others.

But I don't actually have to travel right? But for the longest time I just assumed that this was the reason why I was doing stuff. But it's not!  Traveling was just a manifestation of my deeper why, and my deeper why was I want to have a choice. I want to be completely free.

Become Unshakable With This Motivational Tool In Your Arsenal.

So, when you're looking for it, don't just listen to what people are telling because of the perception that people have about you, because this is only going to influence that surface why. OK. So don't let that happen. Because you are ultimately the only person who knows what's going on inside.

Also, it's a good exercise to get to know yourself. This is one of the most enriching exercises that I've ever done. It radically changes your life. It doesn't change just your business. Because again, I want this to be bigger than business. It's not just about business.

It will change your life. Because you will get to know yourself. And there's nothing more precious than knowing yourself because again, as I was saying, you will live the rest of your life with yourself!

My life becomes easier and easier. So this is an exercise that I really want you guys to do and you do it in the way that will allow you to find the actual reason why you're doing stuff, not the surface one.  So you want the big house. But why do you want a big house? It could be that you want the big house to prove to a bunch of people that you can actually do it.

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