FBC – 77 – How to EASILY make a 100 times more

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Today we are going to discuss how, with a very simple tweak, you could start to make a 100 times more money than before. All the answers are inside.

If you are looking for a solution to earn more and scale your business while working less, then you are in the right place.

So today I wanted to talk to you about something very important that you can actually multiply your income by like 10 or even 100 if you know this. OK. So the background story is I was I was talking to this guy.

So he works on the line as well. Right. And he does some affiliate products. So I told them all you know what I do some affiliation as well and we started talking a little bit about you know what he does and what I do and stuff. And he was focusing on like very low ticket products.

So when I said low ticket products this stuff like oh you know the entry products is like seven bucks or whatever and then they're all under 20 bucks OK. Which is I mean these products are like impulse buy right.

If someone needs to spend seven bucks they're not going to think twice. So that means you can make a lot of sales with these kind of products and if people have to spend 300 bucks they might think a little bit more about it. OK. So that's what he's focusing on and that's where he's making the most of his money. And so this is something I have done as well.

So there are a bunch of products that I promote. They're part of a funnel. OK. So you start with a low ticket product and then afterwards you go up. So you have like profit maximizing and up sales and stuff that will come afterwards. OK. And I told him a story about how I was managing a drop shipping store. So my very first store you know when I started learning right.

It's like everything you will try. And then you see how that goes. Right. So I started making a lot of sales on this. This dropped shipping store was working like gangbusters. I was making a lot of sales.

But in terms of like margins and stuff my margins were pretty low. OK. So we'll see how that relates to what I wanted to say a bit later. So I was actually aiming for volume with smaller margins for products that people didn't have to think too much before buying.

And that was my strategy right until I started thinking.  So it takes the same amount of effort to sell a product for a dollar than it takes to sell a product for 100 dollars. So in that case why would you use that energy to sell a one dollar product when the same amount of energy can sell a 100 dollar product?

So I'm going to give you an example with the stuff that I've done myself and I keep doing.

How to EASILY make a 100 times more

So the low tickets are like the seven dollar products until 100 dollars or something and they call it low ticket. And then afterwards the mid ticket will be between a hundred and nine hundred and high ticket is anything above that. OK. That's roughly what it is OK so just imagine that in order to sell a product to someone you need to create some sort of landing page.

You need to do some copywriting. You might need to shoot a video or something, but it's not necessary. So copywriting then you need to drive traffic to that page and then afterwards I don't know you do some retargeting or you have people signing up to an email sequence and all that stuff.

Right. So regardless what the product is. It's the exact same thing. All right. So I was selling a product for what was it like forty seven dollars. And if you want to sell a product for forty seven dollars you have to go through this exact same stuff. But you know at the same time their offer is where I'm selling products for like for you or four thousand nine hundred ninety nine like five thousand bucks.

It's the same amount of effort. So it's not like I have to deliver some sort of like additional service or do something crazy. No I send people to the offer. And if they buy then in that case I'm going to get to like 2.5 thousand instead of getting was for its like twenty three dollars or something.

So you know why would you go and promote low ticket offers. OK. That's you know. So I'm not saying don't promote any low ticket offers. So if you promote something that's low ticket then make sure it's part of a funnel where they have an ascension model.

Just do the math right. If you could make two point five thousand instead of making like twenty five bucks then you should definitely go for the 2.5 thousand because you know again it's the same amount of effort.

So on the first store I was working on very small margins. It's really important as well because one of the things you have to do is drive traffic to that offer. Right. So that traffic usually costs money and let's say your margins were like 20 bucks for example for an item that I was selling in my store and my acquisition cost.

So you know the money I had to spend before someone actually buys anything was in something between seven dollars and 10 bucks for example. So basically I’m putting all this effort to make between 10 and 13 bucks right where if I was selling another product which was 10 times more expensive let's say my margin on that one was a hundred bucks then I would make something like ninety three bucks.

You know ninety three to seven bucks for something…… I'm just giving you like random examples.

So my first store you know this was just for me to understand the mechanics of like drop shipping how it works and all that stuff. But very quickly I realized that you know what? It's best to go and try to sell bigger ticket items you know some something that costs more.

You will make you might make fewer sales but who cares right. So if you for example if you want to make ten thousand bucks right and you sell a product for a thousand bucks you'd need 10 sales during the month.

So that's one sale every two days every three days. That's all you need. But if you're selling a ten dollar product then you need a thousand sales. And that's way more difficult to do. So a thousand sales is like 30 sales a day or something like 33.

So whatever happens, when you're thinking about promoting something, be sure to look for higher ticket offers too. So there are networks where you can actually find some really good height to get offers and you just go and you promote those right instead of promoting the like the small ones that will give you seven bucks or seven bucks there.

Because again as I said you know takes the same amount of effort, you still need the landing page, the traffic and the auto responder and retargeting or whatever. Same exact thing but you can make a hundred times more.

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