FBC – 78 – Rich or free? You pick…

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Rich or free? You pick..

Today we are going to talk about freedom vs money? Do they always go together or can they exist separately?

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I told you that some people when they start in this business sometimes they're looking for money for example or let's say they’re looking for time.

So some people do have time on their hands, but they're worried and they're like unemployed and you do have a lot of time but you're still worried right because you need some sort of income to be able to provide for your family if you have a family and stuff.

In the same way, for money. If you're in it for the money, well it could very well be that you have a lot of money but you need a lot of time to get the money. So I see people who are super rich but they don't have time to do anything. And they don’t have the most important thing which is peace of mind.

So me this is where I like to go after peace of mind because peace of mind is the combination for me of having enough to provide and to do whatever you want to do without having to worry too much.

I saw this article and I thought it was really interesting. And it was the difference between being rich and being free. So there is a big difference between the two of them. And a lot of people don't understand this because I mean a lot of people just assume that because these people are super rich and stuff, they're free.

Some of them are. But it could be that you’re super rich but you're not free. You need to keep working on that stuff because otherwise it will just stop or you're going to lose what you have.

And one thing that I want you guys to understand is you don't need to be rich to be free. Sometimes they work together. Because the term financial freedom doesn't mean that you’re super rich and you have a yacht and a Ferrari and stuff. Financial freedom means that you have a residual income. So you have enough passive income to cover all your expenses and bills and all that stuff without you having to work.

Rich or free? You pick..

So let's say for example, if you have three thousand dollars a month and your car it's paid, your insurance or mortgage. The kids school the blah blah blah if everything is paid. That’s financial freedom. You don't need to be a super millionaire. OK. That's something you really need to understand because if you don't understand this then you're aiming for the wrong thing.

If you have a big goal then that will keep you motivated. But you need to find the balance between having a big goal that keeps you motivated and understanding exactly what financial freedom means for you.

I just assumed that you needed like millions to be able to travel and stuff like that. Right. And I told you that after I read “The Four Hour Workweek” I understood that it wasn't the case. I got to a point where I managed to get rid of all the tasks that I had to do. So I outsourced everything, I automated stuff and now outsource stuff.

And at that point something magical happened. I was financially stable and now I had time. Time to think about stuff, explore new opportunities and achieve financial freedom.

So anyway the subject of this was the difference between being free and being rich. Okay. So again you don't need to be rich to be free. And I think that the best course of action. I mean based on my experience right. So it's just my opinion. Again the best course of action is to get to a level where you're free.

And then from there you'll see the number of opportunities and the possibilities are going to open to you because you just have time to go and see them. All right.

That was it for today's podcast.  If you do set up the wrong targets and you're like “Oh man I want to be rich. I'm not rich yet, I'm a failure”, it’s not good for you. I think honestly, go for freedom. Try to find a way to have something that works without you. OK. This is freedom. And you aim for financial freedom. You've tried to figure out how much you need to live, and aim for that. It’s much more achievable than you think.

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