FBC – 8 – The Weirdest Challenge To Boost Your Confidence

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Hey guys, today we are going to boost your confidence with a weird trick that you have NEVER seen anywhere else! I can promise you that. This is a unique angle that works for me times and times again to tackle every single hurdle thrown my way. It's funny, easy to remember and will help you a great lot. Have a beautiful days guys.

Hey guys how's it going? And welcome to today's episode which should be episode number eight.

All right. So today I wanted to talk about mind set.

It was something that came up in a discussion that I had with a friend of mine. I've had this discussion with a lot of people over the course of the last couple of years and their objection is that they're like “Oh man I don't have the courage you have. I don't have the perseverance”.

So these are the excuses that people come up with saying that “well you know what? The reason why I'm not starting is because you know, I'm lazy. I cannot focus and persevere with anything”.

And this is a very interesting concept. And again I haven't come across any book or any podcasts or whatever dealing with this. So I have my own personal way of dealing with this. So the thing is, I think that very body like here on this planet has the grit and the perseverance required to do anything they want to.  It's just that we manage somehow to convince ourselves that we don't have it OK.

The Weirdest Challenge To Boost Your Confidence

So I'm going to go through the reasons. I mean the reasons that I have identified and then I'm going to tell you at the end what my challenge is.

So the reason why people assume that they don't have this grit and everything. I think it's because of the way we're brought up and the whole school system. OK. I'm not bashing the school system. The school system is super-efficient. It does a lot of things but there are some things that will then condition us to adopt certain behaviours.

And one thing is that school teaches you one thing right. School teaches you how to avoid mistakes. OK. Which is good right? You want to avoid mistakes in some cases.

Well for example, if there is a wild animal, you want to avoid mistakes because one mistake can cost you a lot, Right?  So we're basically conditioned to avoid mistakes at any cost. Then we don't actually take action in the end because we're like “dude I don’t want to make a mistake”. That's what I was brought up to believe.

And because of that you know if you want to achieve a goal, you'll have to persevere. You have to make mistakes along the way because it's a natural process. And that's what's required to get there.

But since we've been conditioned for so long to avoid mistakes at any cost, then we will basically give up before we actually even try. OK. So all these people who've been telling me all these years that they didn't have the grit, perseverance and stuff, they actually have it!  We have it in us from the beginning, but we just forget about it.

Now this is going to bring me to my interesting challenge.

So every time I see a toddler, it reminds me that I have the perseverance. So let me explain. Today we're doing stuff like you know walking and stuff. So you can walk every day.  You're not asking yourself too many questions about this, but when you look at a toddler, can they walk? They can't. Right? But they're trying. So how does it happen? Does she magically stand up and start walking one day. No it doesn't happen this way.

If you have a little girl for example, she's going to try and get up and then she's going to fall and she's going to embarrass herself because it's really funny how they fall. You know they're kind of goofy right.

But what will happen is that she will get up and she will try again and she will try again and again and she will keep falling. I mean all the time she will fall and she will try for like, I think it takes a few months. So this this kid, this baby has the sheer determination to walk because she sees everybody around her walking and she wants to do the same thing and she didn't stop after the first setback.

So if you're walking today,  trust me you went through that same process, and if you went through that same process it means that you naturally have the perseverance in you, to achieve a goal. It's just that somewhere down the road you forgot about it and you convince yourself that you don't have it.

So that's why my main challenge is that when you start doubting yourself, it’s normal. People doubt themselves for a lot of things but every time I will doubt myself for something, I will think of a baby.

So this is a lesson that I want you guys to remember. Don't ever fall into the trap of telling you “I'm not cut out for this. I don't have the perseverance. I don't have what it takes”.

So try to find something to focus on, that will remind you that you do have what it takes, to fall down and then keep getting back up until you finally succeed. Not just in business, but in life too!!

It's not always going to be easy. You’re not going to make it the first time. You're going to fall and you have to basically understand that it's not going to happen first then but this is how we build naturally.

It's just that society is changing us into these creatures that want to avoid mistakes at any cost.  But the best way to move forward is actually to make mistakes. That's how you learn. You have the biggest revelations and you make the progress like that.

All right, so that was the lesson for today. Your challenge is to find your own “Toddler”.

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