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Today, you are going to discover how I built the ultimate resume that opens me all the doors and partnerships. This is a must for your business if you are looking for a solution to earn more and scale your business while working less, then you are in the right place.

Let me explain what I'm trying to do. So I have different businesses and stuff but my main thing is affiliate marketing because it gives me the flexibility to make money without having to deal with a lot of things. No support and stuff like this. It's not my product. So it's a pretty good model for me. So I use different models obviously but this one is really good for me as a person.

So you do have to contact some brands or product owners and stuff like this and basically you'll plead your case. You need to tell them who you are and a little bit of your background and how you're going to promote their stuff, so they see that you're the real deal. Right. And what I like to do is take the time to create some sort of online resumé.

So I'm preparing all the elements. I'm going to show them the funnels and the different channels that I'm going to use to promote their stuff. So they can understand what's going on in the backend, so that they will see how sophisticated the whole thing is and that they're not dealing with an amateur. And then they will open the floodgates for me. Okay.

And this is that many people don't take the time to do. So next time, they will have to apply for a program they will have to retype an e-mail and blah blah blah go through a process whereas I like to do things just once.

I'm going to record a value packed video where I'm going to explain to them exactly where I'm going with this, what my philosophy is, how everything is connected, where their product fits into what I'm doing, in my strategy and then I'll be I'll be able to just take the link to that video and just send it.

Your ultimate resume

And it’s better than typing an email that's like 300 pages, because people don't like reading emails. They see exactly what you're trying to do and you don't have to jump on calls and answer lots of questions.

So there's this network I really want to work with because they only work with sophisticated affiliates and the selection process is crazy, right. So I need to go there with guns blazing and show them that I know what I'm doing. And be professional so that they're like “this dude has it figured out and he's going to be a great asset for our network” and then they're going to want to work with me.

So I really suggest you do this. In this case, for me it’s for affiliation and stuff. But even for partnerships and stuff. Create templates and then you just have to go and modify one or two things. So I will create this video here and then I have a template file where I show them that I've researched a bunch of campaigns and stats and everything and I give them the links.

And you look as professional as anyone can be, and then they will work with you. OK. So do that for your partnerships, for your clients and stuff some of your products or services or whatever.

And  when people start asking you questions, you can record what these questions are and then you can record a very comprehensive video and then bam bam bam all the objections are already treated. And you do it once and you just use it forever. So this is going to open a lot of doors for me. So I've already done that in the past. And I want them to see how much work was there and all the potential that this has.

So yes, I really recommend that you do the same. It will make a huge difference for you.

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