FBC – 9 – Dude… Are you Stuck In The Past?

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Hey guys, today we are going to debunk a myth that 99% of the people are trapped in. Are you Stuck In The Past? Once you understand this concept, you are off to the races and can become a serial entrepreneur. In addition, it will help you avoid unecessary and pointless arguments with family and friends. You can then save your energy for more constructive things I hope you like the podcast cheers guys.

Welcome to today's episode which should be episode number nine.

So for this episode today we are going to take a trip down memory lane and I'm going to walk with you and talk about something that's limiting your potential again. Every day I'm telling you something that's limiting your potential. But this one's a big one.

So yeah in order to debunk this myth and basically free you from that burden that you've been carrying for a while, we are going to go way back in time and we're going to look at the different eras.

We're going to go back a few centuries and we're going to look at what people were doing, how everything was structured and what were the advantages and disadvantages and then you're going to understand where I'm going with this.

I'll say like the farming age. Something like that where you had farmers and stuff. So this is how people were living before. So for the majority of people, that's how they were living. So you basically had to work really hard. So that was a lot of hard work and you were kind of limited by the land that you actually possessed. So the bigger the land was, the more you could harvest.

But land was expensive and it was complicated. So you were basically stuck with whatever piece of land you had and you were limited by this. But you were also limited by what nature gives you. If the land is dry then it sucks and then you have the seasons and everything.

So these are conditions that you can't do anything with. You couldn't do anything about it. You can't beat nature, right?  It's going to kick you in the teeth. There is nothing you can do about it. So basically you had to deal with the scarcity of land and you had to deal with nature.

But that meant that you were at risk of droughts or floods or whatever. So if you had a bad year or bad season or whatever then you're pretty much screwed. So you basically were restricted to a certain number of like fruits and veggies or whatever you were doing that made sense for where you were.

So that was like the farming age I'll say. So you know from the farming age, what happened is that we moved to the industrial age and then in the industrial age, things became easier.

So work became easier because we were able to use stuff like machines and automation, to know make our life easier and mass produce items which was not the case before. When you were a farmer you could produce as much as your biceps were able to dig the hole in the ground. But in the industrial age, we started mass producing stuff.

So we built machines and we will built processes like chain work. Henry Ford actually developed and perfected that while basically having people specialize in doing one task and all these people create something like super powerful and you're able to mass produce a lot of things that you couldn't do before.

And you were not limited by seasons and stuff like that. And if you were a farmer, it became easier for people to export stuff, because with industrial age then we had more means of transportation.

So basically the borders opened a little bit whereas before restricted to your specific area.

So I'm going somewhere with this right!!

But there were other things you needed in order to make it happen all right. You needed stuff like “plant”. When I said plant I mean like a big factory and stuff. So you know you had the factory you had offices and you had hundreds of employees and you had machines.

And well stuff obviously costs money. In order to get the money you went to the banker and the bank basically loaned you some money and then afterwards basically even before you started you were in debt and before you actually made any money you had to repay the bank and you had a mortgage and stuff like a loan that you had to repay which was you know very stressful. And it was very risky because of the initial investment.

So the initial investment was super high. I mean you have to build the plant and you buy the machines and hire people and all that stuff. And regardless of whether you sell or not you still have to pay the lease, salaries and machinery.

And one thing that you needed as well at the time was a certain level of expertise. So you don't just wake up one day and be like “dude I'm going to build a factory I'm going to produce this and that” You had to be super specialized and you needed to be this big expert. And this became the symbol of success.

The more employees you had, the bigger plant you had and the bigger your offices, then the more important you became, you know, from other people's perspective and this this is what a lot of people are still after today and this became the symbol of success.

Sorry for my lame history course because I think I skipped a lot of different ages right in between but I don't want to bore you with the historical facts that are missing. But the reason why I'm telling you this is because today, the industrial age is actually the one that's causing you the most problems.

Why is it causing you problems?  Because this is what people refer to when they think about business. OK. And it might be the case for you as well. We need to change that today and you will understand why you need to change your perspective you know from the industrial age to something else.

So as I said if you talk to people and you tell them that you want to start a business, everybody is going to try and change your mind and tell you that it’s really complicated. So me for example when I started my business, everybody said “dude this is crazy, you shouldn't do that”………. blah blah blah.

My Mom thought I was going to end up selling my house and that my life was over. And you might actually know some people around you who are actually telling you that business is risky. And the reason why they think business is risky is because they're stuck in the industrial age.

So basically when you say the word business they assume that you need a three hundred and sixty five thousand employees and big offices and big cars and you need all these things. But this is the vision that people have today about business. And it's actually not. It's absolutely not the case today.

So what I mean is that today we are in the digital age. Most people haven't understood that. And I need you to be one of the people who do understand that we're in the digital age and the digital age is awesome!! It solves a lot of problems and it makes it super easy for anybody to start a business and to change your life like this.

You can start a business tomorrow right. So you can get training online for whatever you want to do. And that training is actually accessible. It's free if you if you know where to look and if you have the patience, you can find anything you need for free. You just go on something called the Internet.

You look for whatever you want to do and you can find it. You don't have to spend crazy money to acquire the knowledge and the skills and everything. You have access to everything. It's at your fingertips.

Secondly, as I said, you can start tomorrow right. You do follow a training tutorial and BAM, you can start tomorrow. And you don't have any borders.

Are you Stuck In The Past?

So before, with the farming age, you were restricted to your community, the local market or whatever. And then with the industrial age came, we started exporting stuff. But it was complicated. Then you had to have big ships and it would take four months for whatever you were sending to get there and everything.

But with the digital age, in two seconds you’re selling the digital product that can be downloaded on the other side of the planet! So you don't have any borders in terms of distributing your stuff and getting clients. You can find clients anywhere. So that means that the spectrum and your reach is incredible.

There are like seven point five billion people on this planet and you have access to the majority of these people whereas before he might have been 200 people in your area. So that gives you more possibilities to find clients and you now know how to make it happen.

You can start a business by yourself in your room, like these kids who are working and doing YouTube videos. You just need a webcam that's on your computer. You could start a business today by creating a Facebook group. So as a funny example, you tell people on Facebook, “Do you want to know more about how I inflate balloons with my nose?

There might be people interested in that! You're like “dude if you want to know how to do it, I’ll give you access to this Facebook group and every day I'm going to show you how I do it. So on Monday I'm going to inflate the red balloon and on Tuesday will be a blue balloon or whatever. And then it's going to be like a basketball and then a football or something and then it might be a really big balloon you can fly it.

So you know, it's just a ridiculous example but you can have people paying you a monthly fee to have access to a group on Facebook. How much does it cost you to be on Facebook? It’s free!!

Take Instagram, if you love gardens and stuff, maybe you could be an influencer in Botanic or something. So you know you love flowers and tomatoes and whatever, and you have pictures of tomatoes. So people like tomatoes and they're going to pay you for your knowledge and insight and you're going to work with brands.

How much do you pay for Instagram? You don't pay anything for Instagram so how risky is that? I mean you can do the same thing with a blog. You can blog for free!! Find a subject that you’re passionate about and blog about it, like the expert that you are!!

The other thing is that because it's pretty much free to start a business, you can try several times and this is something that you need to understand. You can try as many times as humanly possible. Today you can start 10 Facebook pages if the first one doesn't work.

You try the second one and that's how you get experience. You know you will identify things that don't work, so that next time you're not going to do it and you're one step closer to your goal. So in the digital age you're free to start one business day if you want. You’re not going to go broke. You're not going to lose your house or anything.

You’re mind set needs to shift and understand that there is no risk for you to start a business like this.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. OK.

It is super important just to understand your surroundings. If you're not able to realize that the world has changed and we don't live in the industrial age then you’ll have a problem. You know it's a problem.

Just look around you and look at how the world is evolving and appreciate the fact that we're in the digital age. Once you do this, honestly once you integrate this notion, there is nothing stopping you because you know that you can just go and start!!!

So you know hopefully this podcast was helpful for you guys. Thanks for listening.

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