FBC – 90 – I’m In Shock! 13X My Efficiency in 10 Minutes

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I'm In Shock! 13X My Efficiency in 10 Minutes

Today we are going to talk about something everybody completely ignores (including me) that could make a significant difference in your business. With only 10 minutes of work, I was able to 13x my results. Tune in to find out what it is.

If you are looking for a solution to work less, live more and get more time, then you are in the right place.

So right now I'm working on this new source of traffic. You know to send people to my Web site and stuff and I mean that source of traffic is cheap. Oh man. It's like I'll pay a cent to get a click once. Its crazy stuff and I really like it. So obviously you know when you're paying one cent and you’re like “Dude let's go all out!” So I went at it and I started sending traffic to some of my pages.

So there is this episode where I told you about something called Bounce rate on your website OK. And this is something you need to watch because you could be paying these clicks for nothing. All right. And instead of just telling you about this I'm doing it as well.

I was checking my bounce rate but what I was doing before I was checking based on a specific traffic source. So let's say Facebook or Instagram or AdWords or something. You know this is the extent of what I was doing. And so I ran some traffic and I saw the bounce rate for those who just joined the podcast and having listened to that episode. This episode is crucial because you could divide your ad cost by five If you if you use that.

For the same amount of money you could get four to five times more click. All right. So let's say you're paying one hundred and you get one hundred clicks while this is one dollar per click right. And if you send those people to your website but ninety percent of them just bounce, you're basically paying a hundred for these clicks because the other ones just bounced right.

So instead of costing you a dollar every click it's actually costing you ten dollars. So if you're bounce rate is low and you have traffic sources where my bounce rate was like 3 percent. Right. So for 100 bucks I actually have 97 people who did actually see my stuff because they didn't bounce.

I'm In Shock! 13X My Efficiency in 10 Minutes

So this is super important and it's something that nobody teaches you and nobody tells you about. So you need to have a Google Analytics tag on your on your site. So it's really simple. So you open the Google Analytics account. They're going to ask you what your Web site is.

You put your website in there. They'll give you a code and you put that code on your Web site. That's all you have to do and then it will track everything. And so for those who didn't know what the bounce rate is. This is what it is. So let's say they sent you 100 clients and what would you say each client was? 100 right?

So you're going to pay them ten thousand dollars for them to send you those hundred people. But in actual fact you only have like five people are actually going to stay in your store trying some clothes and stuff and maybe like one that buys. So basically you paid ten thousand dollars for a client.

So anyway I am testing these sorts of traffic and looking at the different sources, you know Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest or whatever. So I was looking at this. I was like OK so where's the bouncing? But there is there I never actually checked. You know it wasn't on my checklist. And I had no idea it had such an impact. I see it everywhere on every tool but I just ignored it and I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys do too.

It's the operating system! Well usually what we do is that we will check mobile versus desktop. This is how far we go. Right. So you'll be like oh you know what mobile seems to respond better. Let me go on mobile. All right. But when I was looking at the results I realized that there was one browser where my bounce rate was 92 percent. The other browser was seven and a half percent.

It's crazy. I mean just the browser you use on your computer. Who could have guessed it could make that big a difference. It's crazy right. So basically, so what I did is I got rid of that browser. So now all these clicks that I'm sending there actually have value and it's not window shoppers. Actually people are actually going to do stuff and they stay for a long time on the Web site like two minutes three minutes of stuff which is pretty awesome.

Now if you're running traffic on any platform, please please please don't ignore those lines that say operating system and browser. I mean that I was shocked, like honestly I was shocked.

I thought I thought you wouldn't make a difference. It was a like that. I mean seven and seven and a half percent against 90 to something bounce rate. It's crazy right. It's absolutely insane. So I really recommend you guys do this. And if you have a Web site you should have analytics on it.

You go to I think it's like analytics@google.com. So you register there. They will ask you what your Web site is. You give them your Web site. They will ask you to put a code on your Web site just to verify that's actually your Web site.

Right. And then once you have this code in place then it will start tracking the data. And it's incredible how much progress you can make if you take some time to look at the stats. What I suggest is you have one day during the week where, once your business is established, once you've finished building everything, you take one day a week just to analyse the data.

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