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Hey My name is Martin Ebongue and I’m here to share with you the easiest, fastest, & most RELIABLE method for earning 5+ figures per month online.

Then… how you can quickly SCALE your business to 6 figures per month like I’m doing…

And how you can start earning this income WITHOUT overhead costs, previous experience or technical experience.

At this point your BS meter might be going crazy, I know…

And you may be wondering 2 things:

1️⃣  How in the world can a complete beginner start making that kind of money ???


2️⃣  Is this guy completely crazy or is he the real deal ???


These are great questions that deserve very honest answers 👇:


1️⃣ Consumers are spending more and more time (AND MONEY) online especially since the COVID-19 outbreak


2️⃣ You have probably never heard of me and for a good reason: I like to keep a low profile


But I NEVER Joke When it comes To  Money, And


Using The EXACT System I'm Revealing On This Page…


Here's What I Was Able To Make CONSISTENTLY, Month After Month: 

5c - June 2017

In One Month – July 2020

1 - In One Month 1 - July 2020___
2 - In One Month 2 - July 2020

In One Week – Oct 1st – Oct 07th 2020

3 - In One WEEK - Oct 1 - 7, 2020

In One Single Day – Oct 7th 2020

5 - In A Single DAY - 7 oct 2020

The Question Is NOT: “Does It Really Work?”

The Real Question Is HOW FAST Do You Want To Live A Kickass Lifestyle Just Like Us?

Here's The Best Part Of The Ultimate Lifestyle Secrets

Unlike fake “gurus” that rent expensive cars and shoot videos in front of someone ELSE’S mansion…



Unlike pretenders who only make money by selling you random methods they’ve NEVER used themselves…


I Personally Use This Exact Method Every Day In My Business To Earn 99% Of My Income



Watch Me Earn $17,206+ In One Single Month

How About $1,600+ In ONLY 2 Days?

$744 In My Bank Account In Just 1 Day…

Another $662.50 In 24 Hours (100% Passive)

I Made $511 In 1 Day While I Was Sleeping

$428 In ONLY 24h Without A Single Ad


We made $25,828.69 In Passive Income

9 - Shopify screenshot 2

Another $18,800.00 On Autopilot In ONLY 90 Days

5b - last 3 months

$4,881.42 From Another Income Stream in 60 Days

6 - shareasale

This Method Works for Everyday People With

No Special Skills Or Experience Needed

✅  Some of them speak english as a second language. Works worldwide

✅  Most of them failed many times before at making money online

✅  Many of them still have a day job and make extra money


And now, just by using my proven, newbie-proof system…

They are making thousands of dollars every single month without fail in as little as 30 minutes a day! 

How Would YOUR Life Change With An EXTRA $7k+ Or More Every Month On Complete Autopilot?

Would You …

✅  Work from home or while traveling the world?

✅  Fire your boss, quit your job and set your own schedule?

✅  Pay off your debts, mortgage, loans and save thousands in interest?

✅  Travel whenever and wherever you feel like like?

✅  Spend more time doing what you love thanks to passive income?

✅ Never count pennies again and never worry about money again in your life?


All This CAN BE YOURS: Take Action TODAY!


Ultimate Lifestyle Secrets Program 3

When I got started, I was just like most of you… I didn't know anything about the online world. The only thing I had for myself was a burning desire for freedom that was driving me to make a change.

Despite my best efforts, I was still stuck in my life of struggle and sacrifice. It always felt like I was missing the essential piece of the puzzle without knowing exactly what that piece was.

To be honest, All I wanted was a few hundred extra dollars a month online…

Little did I know, things were about to get out of control … in a GOOD way

From a $47 Commission To $2,000 Paydays

After months of trial and error – We finally recorded our very FIRST profits with our new method. A grand total of $47

We didn’t break the bank obviously, But it was a start. It was all we needed to validate that our system worked. From there we started improving the system and started seeing amazing results.

From a $47 pay day, we climbed up to our 1st $197 day … then $700 … then over $1,000 in a single day. 

Finally everything “escalated” and our method started blowing up …

Until $2,000 daily profits became pretty normal. We even recorded a few whooping $5,000 days over the years (party time!)

Capture d’écran 2020-09-22 à 16.05.53
Capture d’écran 2020-09-22 à 16.07.50
Capture d’écran 2020-09-22 à 16.05.11
Capture d’écran 2020-09-22 à 16.07.21
Capture d’écran 2020-10-01 à 10.42.05

Want To Know The Best Part?

It's working in every possible market for any type of product! 

The beauty of this method is there’s zero chance of saturation because it works in every possible market you can think of …

We decided that it was time to share the process with some of our students to put it to the test.

After months of documenting and experimenting, we created a blueprint.

We broke it down into ULTRA beginner-friendly steps and had our first students beta test the method… The rest is history…

Check Out Some Of Our Most Recent Results

11 - Shopify screenshot 3
Capture d’écran 2020-09-30 à 21.45.10
Capture d’écran 2020-09-22 à 16.06.31
Capture d’écran 2020-10-07 à 17.52.00
4 - custom

Proven. Repeatable. SCALABLE Results

Here’s The Simple 3 Step Method For Earning

$7K+ / Month From Anywhere In The World: 


STEP 1 🔎

Find Digital Products MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE

That Solve Painful Problems

Digital products are by far the most profitable when it comes to make money online super-fast.

All you need to do is focus on popular products that many people are buying in order to pretty much guarantee your monthly income …

By leveraging the popularity and branding power of these products, you will, EASILY, be able to make daily commissions.


STEP 2 👪

Refer These Digital Products To An Audience That's Suffering From Those Problems 

All you have to to is spread the word about the product of your choice to the right audience and start racking up commissions for a product that's not even yours. 

Some vendore can pay you up to $1,000+ per sale which means that, with 2 – 3 sales a month, you can start earning more than your current 9-5 job. 


STEP 3 📈

Rinse, Repeat & Scale To The Moon! 

Once you have found winning products, all you need to do is show it to even more people using the exact same formula. With 7.5 Billion people on the planet there is eanough room to scale in any market.

Are you making sales in the US? Why not add Canada to the mix and start scaling your operations?


Our Secret For Turning A Few Minutes A Day Into THOUSANDS Of Dollars A Month? 



This System: 

✅ Works WITHOUT building funnels or complicated sales page

✅ Doesn't require you to create a single product

✅ Is a fast track, newbie-proof system that gives results in 48 hours 

If You Can Spare 30 Minutes A Day To Follow A SIMPLE Step-By-Step Process…

You Too Can Achieve Financial And Location Independence With Our Proven Method

Let Me Show You my

27 Passive Income Streams

The fastest, most reliable method for beginners to go from 0 to $7K+ / month income…

Backed by more legitimate user proof than any other system online.

WARNING: $7K+ / Month Is Just For Starters

You’ll Also See How To Scale This Into 5 Figures Monthly


Do what we love every single day and get paid for it in passive income without being chained to our desks!

Travel whenever and whereever we want without restrictions because our automations are making us money

Here Are Just SOME Of Our Recent Results This Year: 

We Made €10,006.08 In Jan 2020

1 - jan 2018

We Added €6,990.78 In Feb 2020

2 - Feb

Racked up €12,816.88 In March 2020

3 - mar 2018

An Additional €11,674.34 In Apr 2020

4 - april

We Scaled Up To €16,777.00 In May 2020

5 - mai

Recorded €11,638.16 In June 2020

6 - june 2019

We Earned €8,985.08 In July 2020

7 - July

People From ALL Walks of Life Are

Earning Life-Changing Income With This…

YOU CAN Do It Too! 

Our students range from people making ‘ONLY’ $200 per day while keeping their full-time job… To others who’ve scaled up to $10K+

WITHOUT prior knowledge.

Ultimate Lifestyle Secrets Students keep proving how unstoppable the method is.

The average new student makes $100 or more… in their 1st 3 days!  And 90% of our new students earn 4-figures or more… in their very 1st month.

I Was Able To Build 27 Passive Income Streams

Now It's YOUR Turn !!

8 - shareasale 3_5
8 - shareasale 3_4
8 - shareasale 3_3
8 - shareasale 3_2
8 - shareasale 3_1
Capture d’écran 2020-09-22 à 16.07.00
10 - Shopify screenshot 3_3
10 - Shopify screenshot 3_2
10 - Shopify screenshot 3_1
10 - Shopify screenshot 3_0

Sales figures and campaign results listed above or in my marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of training, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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