FBC – 120 – How one habit can influence a big change

How one habit can influence a big change.

A quick rundown of how creating a new habit or behavior can go a long way.

I actually wanted to thank you guys.

So I'm here with my good friend Stephanie. I hadn't seen her in like a year and a half or something. And, she told me that I’ve changed a lot! I am more open and share more about myself and stuff. And I really think that this podcast is a little bit like therapy for me as well. When you have to talk about something that you have a problem with, you just have to talk about it.

And me, I haven't seen the difference because I've been in that for the last one hundred and twenty days.

So she is very happy about it because she managed to uncover a lot of secrets that I've been keeping. She's always trying to get me to reveal and spill the beans on a lot of things. So, yeah, we've had some really, really cool discussions and I'm really glad I took a few days to come and see my friend here.

How one habit can influence a big change

You know, that's one thing I'm really happy about, is that all the efforts that I put in there, all these businesses that I create, allow me to be able to do this for my friends.

I mean, right now there's a lot of changes in my life. I'm trying new things and stuff. But definitely the podcasts really, really helped. And I'll be happier and open up a little bit more and stuff. Yeah, I feel it's a good thing. You know, it's a very, very good thing.

So I wanted to thank you guys for, you know, being with me on this journey and whoever is listening. I wanted to thank you guys for that because it helps me even with my relationship with some really good friends of mine.

If you do a podcast on something that's constantly business related or something else. You know, it might not happen. But as soon as you start getting a little bit personal and, you know, talk about yourself and everything.

I think it’s like therapy, instead of being some dude or some woman to sit on a couch and tell them about your days and what's stressing you, you get to do this on podcast with like-minded people.

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