FBC – 129 – A heart warming Message

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A heart warming Message.

Sometimes out of the blue, you get someone who contacts you to tell you how much they appreciate your message, your philosophy and the value you brought to them. This is why I do this and it really makes me happy when someone takes a minute out of their day just to say dude, thanks for sharing your views.

Here is the link to the podcast I talked about in episode 124.

You can actually see it on my website too: www.martinebongue.com/combackgame

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So the subject of the podcast came to me and the background story is the interview that I did on another podcast called “The Comeback Game”. If you haven't heard the podcast, listen to it. There are a lot of gems in there and a lot of good questions that were asked by the host, Barry.

So I have people contacting me, here and there. And when you get a message like this, always, I mean, always. It’s heart-warming.

So the reason why she wrote me a message was about a specific point that I that I discussed in the podcast about the priorities in your life, like who you should prioritize in your life and why you should do it? OK. So if you haven't heard the podcast, then I don't want to spoil it for you.

I don't have kids. So, you know, I'm talking from my own experience. But basically my belief is that you should prioritize yourself in your life and in everything you're doing, not being selfish. But you should prioritize yourself. All right. And there is a good reason for it. It's not because you have to become some arrogant douchebag or something.

No, it's just because, if you do the math, there is one person you're going to spend your whole life with. And it started the day you were born and will stop the day you die and that person is you. OK. So, you know, you got some friends. You can have a wife. You can have the husband. You know, you've got be like siblings and stuff, but they're not going to be with you 24/7. I mean.

And so that's why we're saying. I don't have kids. But anyway, you know, the kids will come half way in your life. Right. So you know that, again, I'm not a dad. So that's just my own experience.

A heart-warming Message

But the thing is, there's someone inside of you. Right. So you need to figure out what that person likes. Right. And just give it to it. Right. So in some cases where there's something that you absolutely hate doing and it's against all your morals, all your values and everything, you may still end up doing it even if it's making you miserable, for other people because you think that you should prioritize them over yourself.

I'm talking about stuff that makes you miserable. I'm not talking about minor inconveniences. I'm talking about like major stuff that’s crucial for your happiness and stuff that makes you miserable. OK. So it's in those cases that you need to prioritize to avoid doing stuff that makes you absolutely miserable.

I think that looking inside and figuring out what makes you happy will greatly help. Because then afterwards, once you find out you do a lot of it, that's it. You know, that's going to make you happy. All right. So, yeah. So that was the thing for me. It was a really cool message that I got from this lady. It's always, always a pleasure. So, you know, if you guys want to send me messages and stuff, you know, don't hesitate.

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