FBC – 146 – Boss Vs Leader…What’s Your Take? Here’s Mine

Boss Vs Leader…What's Your Take? Here's Mine..

Today we are going to talk about some of the differences between bosses and leaders. What are some of the things that you should expect when you choose one over the other? All the details inside…

So I wanted to talk about the difference between a boss and a leader. Okay. Because there is a difference. And depending on what you choose, then you need to have the right expectations and you need to understand the consequences of that.

So just to start off, we'll start with the boss. And I’m going to actually link this to what I'm reading right now about influencers.

Right. So there is one thing you have to understand is let's say, for example, you want to change behaviour in your village.

Okay. So let's say, for example, there is a village. And people are not watering the crops correctly. And for this reason, the harvest is not growing or whatever. Right. So that is a really bad example. But anyway, because of that, you know, the farmers are getting less and less crops. OK, so you want to change this behaviour.

You actually have the right information. You've ran some studies about it and you know that if they water it may be like an hour at noon, it's going to actually make a big difference. Okay. So you know that for a fact that you've tested that and you've applied it. Right.

So you come to the farmers. You're not from around here. Let's say, for example, you're from the big city. You're from the capital. So you show up there with your nice car and your sunglasses and all that stuff and you're like, well, you should water the crops at noon for an hour and then you'll see the difference.

So despite the fact that this is actually logically the best thing to do, what do you think the adoption rate is going to be? ……It's going to be zero. OK. Because for these people over there in that village, you're an outsider. This is what you are. OK.

And why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this because when you are a boss, in a lot of situations, people take you as an outsider. You're not one of them. OK. That's what being a boss is. You know, there are a lot of situations where you will you meet this and is it justified? Not really.

Sometimes the boss is someone who’s actually done everybody else's job in that company. So you know what they're doing. Right. And you can have an input. So they have a comprehensive view of everything that's being done. Right. But anyway, that's not my point. The point is that when you're a boss, you are an outsider. OK. You have to prepare for it.

Do you have it in you to be a boss? And, you know, having to take these decisions and have these awkward conversations and all this stuff. You know, some people are not cut for it. Having to fire people and stuff like that.

Boss Vs Leader…What's Your Take? Here's Mine

Me, I'm not a boss man. I hate orders. I absolutely hate orders. I hate receiving orders in a hate even more giving orders, you know. So that's the thing. That's me. I'm not like the typical boss who's going to be like boss people around and tell them all you do this and do that stuff. My approach is different.

This leads me to the other option, which is being a leader. I have a natural preference for being a leader. The last boss I had was telling me that Oh, man, you need to distance yourself from the team. Go eat by yourself because you're the boss. This is what bosses do. You need to create this like distance and stuff.

So you're already not part of the core group of employees and stuff.

For me it wasn't an option. My option was to be more of a leader for the team, so I'm going to explain what I mean by that. So when I started working, I had the best team ever. You know, it was really, really awesome. Everybody you could rely on everybody.

My boss was absolutely amazing. And she helped me become a better person and a better manager and leader for other people. But anyway, very quickly, in my career, I decided that my goal was to access a leadership role and not boss people around and stuff without any legitimacy.

I actually like to be with my team in the trenches and stuff, so they will follow me, not because they have to because I’m their boss saying I'm giving out orders and stuff, but they will follow me because they see me on the field with them and they see that I kind of know my stuff, you know, and it's not like forcing someone to do something where you're going to meet resistance.

No, we're on the same page. We're in the trenches together. I'm here to support you guys. So let's go for it. OK. And this is all always been my approach.

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