FBC – 155 – 3X More Money With The Same Audience & The Same Budget?…

3X More Money With The Same Audience & The Same Budget?..

Today we are going to talk about a very powerful tool that's often overlooked and that allows you to earn 3X more money without spending a dime more. Yes it sounds crazy but I have done it many times.

The biggest companies on the planet use this method and are on top of the food chain partly because of their ability to execute this.
All details and more in the podcast.

I am actually in the middle of building landing pages. And one thing that you do when you build your landing pages and what you want to do to get people to opt in to a page or webinar or whatever it is, is that you need to do some split testing.

Okay. So, I mean, some people maybe some people don't know what split testing is. So split testing is creating different variations of the same page by changing something on the page and seeing which one actually works better. Okay.

So I integrated two different platforms. My landing page is on one platform. The thank you page is on the other platform. So normally your integration is supposed to work. I should be able to do my split testing, you know? So the developers said you have to build your both pages on the same platform.

3X More Money With The Same Audience & The Same Budget?.

So what can I do? So it turns out that I think if I say if I build my landing pages on the other tool, the disadvantage is that I can't really configure this and customize them. So I need to work out what plan B and find solutions.

Okay. Instead of moaning about problems, that's one thing. You know, I told you many times that, what will help you in in this business is, being resilient and keeping your spirit.

And so split testing, as I am saying, is creating different variations of the same page. By changing something on the page and you can track the results. You change a few words on the page and you could go from 20 percent opt in, up to like 60 percent opt in. OK. Just by changing a few words.

So just imagine what that means for you. So if you had three times more people who sign up with the exact same ad budget or whatever. I mean you could triple your income. Right.

Instead of, you know, looking for other ways down the road, like, oh, how can I get people to buy more stuff and everything? Just get more people in the door with the same traffic. Right. So the easy, easy fix for people is like, oh, you know what, I'm going to pay more.

So send more people there. And then that brings me, you know. So let's say, for example, instead of spending, you know, five hundred, l spend a thousand and then I'll have enough people. But by keeping those five hundred, you can triple your money. OK. By doing split testing. Right.

So split testing is changing, for example, the header. Right. So let's say for example you have very different angles. Right. So you can say for example, oh let me teach you how you can make passive income and how you can earn passive income in the next 48 hours. OK.

So I can try this and I can make another variation of this page that says, well, let me show you how I can help you reach your goals. Let me show you how you can have the digital nomad lifestyle or something like that. OK.

So it's the exact same page. Everything else is the same. But you change the headline and you can actually triple, I mean, and I'm not exaggerating. You can triple your conversions.

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