FBC – 178 – I was trapped in a room and had to escape

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I was trapped in a room and had to escape.

Today I want to talk to you about what I learned from playing a really revealing and interesting game. There is so much you can tell about a person if only you take the time to look.

So one thing we did today was a discovery for me and for her as well. So went to the “Escape Room”, which was really cool. I've seen this concept before and I thought it was really cool, but I actually never tried. So for those who don't know, you're basically stuck in room.

You put yourself in a situation where you're stuck in a room and you have a bunch of like riddles and puzzles and everything that you have to solve in order to get out of the room.

One puzzle will lead you to another, which will lead you to another and stuff. And then eventually you'll find a way to get out of the room. All right. So it was really cool. You have one hour to do this. So we were spies and we had to figure out how to get out of the room.

And it's very it's fascinating. This thing is fascinating. You know, it's a game, but there are a lot of lessons that you can get out of there. So I know, for example, that a lot of companies will actually use the escape room as a way to determine people's profiles. Who’s a team player? Who’s not a team player. And yeah, what's your psychological profile? Right.

Because once we get in there first, when you start, you need to come up with some sort of planning. And from there, you have to determine, let's you know, let's figure out what to do here.

They're like different personalities and different traits of people that will actually emerge once you start playing this game. So you will have a bunch of people that will be like, oh, you know what? You guys are idiots. I am going to do it by myself. The lone ranger doing that alone.

Then you can have people who would be like, you know what? I don't want to make any decision. I will go along with the group, whatever happens. Right. So you have people they basically tag along, and they don't actually look for the clues or whatever. They just wait for other people to do it.

And then you'll have people who disagree with everything. And then you have people who are going to collaborate. And it will actually reveal your profile and stuff. But I think maybe you see that more in a bigger group dynamic because in a bigger group. Pretty sure you'll see two or three different profiles. You know, it'll be similar to that. And there's always a lesson that you can get from whatever you do.

And I didn't realize it when I was in the game. But afterwards, retrospectively, I was like, oh, you know what? I think this was a test for something. I mean, for me, that's how to measure your ego. All right. Because there is a lot of ego involved. Like, man, I am not asking for anybody's help. Right.

I was trapped in a room and had to escape

You know, you have five clues. But if I could have gone without using the clues, etc, etc. But are you going to use them or not? So does it make you weak if you use the clues? Well, obviously, we didn't use all the clues. So, you know. We must have like a super big ego, I guess. I don't know. But anyway, it was it was a lot of fun.

But it was a great lesson. I always try to basically get something out of it. Something that I can use afterwards in my life. I realized that afterwards, you know, when you're in a game, you're not thinking about the stuff. Well you know me. I'm a very proud person. So maybe it's a problem. Sometimes I'm too proud.

But, you know, you might actually learn something about yourself. You might learn about how you're communicating with others. You know communication skills and collaboration skills as well. What kind of profile you have. And also, you might see how big your ego is.

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