FBC – 179 – How to deal with peer pressure

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How to deal with peer pressure.

Quick podcast to touch base on the notion of peer pressure. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of peer pressure this episode could help.

I don't know what you guys think about it. I don't know if you're a person that was actually applying peer pressure on other people, but it's just one of the most annoying things ever. So, you know, sometimes you'd been in a situation where, you know, people want you do what they want to sway you to do stuff.

And sometimes you're just doing your own thing. You're minding your business. But, you know, people just assume that because they think one way, then you have to do the same and well, basically, you can end up having a bunch of people making you do stuff that you don’t want to do.

It’s just a reminder that, you know, everybody's different. And whatever you like to do, you don't have to impose on other people. You know, it's just as simple as this. And very often what happens is that most of the time what's going to happen is imposed by people in the majority. So basically doing what whatever other people are doing, they're going to try and sway you to do whatever they do. So try to be considerate.

How to deal with peer pressure

I never, ever pressured people to do anything. I absolutely hate it. So I asked people, do you want to do it? If they say no, that's it. That's your problem, right. You know, it's a people's choice. And I would never push people. Ask once. They don't want it. Then that's fine. You know, that's their choice. Good.

Because, you know, if you're dealing with someone like me, for example, it can be very annoying for the person on the receiving end. If you play it like this, then you might avoid a few conflicts and misunderstandings, because I do understand where that stuff comes from.

I see so many people just do stuff that they don't want to do or stuff that gets them in trouble just because of peer pressure and stuff. But yeah, anyway, don't fall into the pitfalls of like going for peer pressure. Whatever you decided that you were going to do, just do it. You don't care what other people think.

And just remember that, you know, everybody has a different life and you have your life. There's only one version of your life. And you need to do it as you want. Do it. And you know to hell with what other people think and what they want you to do, regardless if they think it's for your own benefit and it comes from a good place and stuff.

If it's something you don't want to do, don't do it.

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