FBC – 194 – What Television Does To Your LIFE…

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What Television Does To Your LIFE..

Today we are going to talk about the impact of television on your perception, your mood, your anxieties and simply put YOUR LIFE..

Is television good or bad for you and your family? Tune in to find out.

I haven't watched TV in in like eight years, man. Yeah. Eight years.

Because all the TV channels, they're not looking for the most interesting, like intellectually challenging programs or stories or whatever, they’re looking for something that'll bring viewers. Right. And what brings more viewers than anything? It will be violence and sex. That's what brings the world money.

But there are countries where you turn on your TV, and you think that everybody is out to get you. Right. So people are getting shot. The bombs and then there is this terrorist guy and now they're demonstrating against something and then there's drugs and then. And it's crazy how bad the situation is sometimes.

Well, how bad do you think the situation is sometimes? Because that's what's being thrown in your face. Right. And it really, really alters your perception and your perspective on other people and on the world.

So, we're going end up being like super stressed and negative and wary of everybody, because that's all you see on TV. They never show you some some dude who goes out and saves baby elephants or something. And this is what saddens me with television.

I know how hard it is to find the right programs and all that stuff. But that was just my feeling with television. You end up being super, super negative. And it's really crazy how much that thing has an impact on you.

So maybe I told you the story. But in 2010, there was this mega-crisis everywhere. People were like, oh, man, we're all going to die in the crisis and all that stuff. And well, I wasn't watching TV anymore. Everybody's Oh, man its recession and everybody was convinced that we were all going to die. Because they were watching the news. And that's the only thing you had in the news.

What Television Does To Your LIFE..

Right. So the thing is that I wasn't watching the news. So I had no idea what was said there. And I just looked at things as they were. Nothing actually changed. Because if you listen to the news, it felt like you needed bags of cash to go and buy your bread.

These images of Russia where people had to go with a truckload of roubles to buy bread or to buy milk or something. That's what you call a crisis. But it had nothing to do with this. It was just the perception, to be honest. I looked at the world as it was, and nothing had changed.

Nothing. I didn't see companies going under or stores closing or riots in the streets or the food getting scarce or something. No, nothing changed, man. So, just to show the news and stuff, it will actually alter your perception of the planet and the world around you.

So you're not seeing reality as it is, but you're seeing as it is being presented to you. All People are bad. You'd need to worry about your neighbour because your neighbour is out to get you, is out to get your job. He has a gun. He wants to kill you or something. Yeah.

But then afterwards, when you stop listening to all the noise, you just realize that people are nice. If you were nice with people they would be nice to you. It's very simple.

So stop listening and accepting everything the news is telling you. The news is obviously there.

There is some stuff that they tell you which is true. And they have good information to keep you updated with what's going on, but don't accept everything they're telling you, and especially all this violence and like crime and your hatred towards the people and stuff. I think this is fuelling a lot of hatred in, you know, between communities as well.

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