FBC – 25 – I had To Call The Doctor & Building A Team

This morning I was in so much pain that I had to call a doctor to give me a shot! Today we are going to talk about building a team. How to build the best team possible and the mindset behind it…..

Today I wanted to talk to you about building a team. And when I say team I mean the best team. A good team. OK right. So remember in the previous podcast I told you that you have to determine whether you want to go at it alone or if you want to go with like a partner and stuff like that.

OK. So regardless if you go at it by yourself. You have to understand. Despite what you think, you can't do everything by yourself. You can try. I've certainly tried to do everything, so when you look at everything you have to do the marketing you have do the technical stuff.

Then you have to do sales and then you have to conversions. You have to support it. You have to deal with like partnerships. And so it's a lot of work. All right. So it's a lot of work and you can try doing it by yourself in the beginning right. If your business model is pretty simple, you can do all that stuff you know, even the graphic design. So there's so much stuff to do.

So you could try but very soon you'll realize that you can't necessarily do everything by yourself. So it doesn't mean that you need a super big team and stuff. You may actually just hire. For example if I needed a book cover for my books, then I will hire a designer OK. So at that point he temporarily becomes part of my team. So when I mean the team I'm not necessarily saying you need to employ the people and you need to have 300 employees and stuff!

I'm saying if you're working with like a freelancer for example, that person will be part of the team when they are doing something for you. OK. So don't try to do everything by yourself. Sometimes it's better to find someone on the Web sites like “Favre” for example or use “up work”.

So what do you need to look for?

So what I think you need to look for are people who are everything you're not. If that makes any sense. So let's say if you're very organized, then look for someone who's like super creative. If you're not organized, find someone who's organized. OK.

Building A Team

So when you're like building the team. Don't go like some people who build a team of people who are less qualified than they are. Because they want to feel important and they will employ people who are less competent than they are, you know in their opinion obviously, in that specific field so that they're not going to overtake them and take their place or something. OK.

Me my philosophy is dude find the best person for that! I really don't care if these people are better than me at this specific task. The angle is that the task is done correctly. OK.

Don’t just work with people who you think are less qualified than you are just for your ego because the angle for you is to have your company working. OK. And. The other thing is that in the beginning you don't have a big budget. So you will have to do with what you have. OK. So when you were going to hire someone to do some of the design work or something you won't go with the most expensive person. Unless that design is the number one priority in your business.

So whatever project you're working on, that design will make or break the project. That's when you're going to invest all the money you need to invest when you have a tight budget. Otherwise you know in the beginning you might go with you know someone who does like a pretty good job in the school you know chipping off the price. It's a big factor when you know in an ideal scenario it shouldn't be a factor but you have to be realistic right.

For example you pay a designer 100 bucks and you could have had another designer who was more qualified for 450 bucks right. So the first one gives you like a crappy design or whatever and you have to pay another one or it will take you three weeks to get anything done.

And when you look at the cost of not being on the market then you basically lose on that as well. So these are things you have to keep in mind. Ideally what I tried to do as I work with the best. Okay. That's what I decided to do. You know I really want to work with the best because.

Let's say for example. You hire Zuckerberg to do something for you. You know the dude's good. OK. He might charge you a bit more than me. But his track record is absolutely awesome. And you know that whatever he does is going to benefit you in the end. You're playing the long game and not necessarily the short term gains. Right. So that's a rule that I decided to make.

All right. So very important for you if you want to keep your sanity and if you want you to your business to flourish then this is something you all have to do. Build a really good team. OK. I know you guys are good.

You know if you're listening to this podcast, then you guys are super awesome! But as awesome as you are, you don't know everything all right. And nobody on this planet knows everything and has every single skill. All right! Thanks for listening guys!

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