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The ONLY thing that matters when dealing with haters.

Today, I am going to tell you the ONLY question you need to ask yourself when dealing with parasites on the internet. Let's be honest, whatever you do, you will have to deal with them and you will have to be prepared.

Thankfully, it is easier than you think because there is ONLY 1 THING that matters and we are going to talk about it in this episode.

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The content of the episode today is about haters. Because I know, this little girl, I think she's twelve now and she has her own brand and all that stuff. And she is getting a lot of recognition. You can see her everywhere. She's absolutely awesome. And there were a bunch of, like haters and trolls on the Internet giving her a hard time.

She's like twelve. I mean, seriously. And you have to understand something. You are going to be confronted by some idiots, some haters who always have something to say about you. OK.

This is a chain on Facebook. And this is so bad. People start on the comment wars and stuff, I usually don't take part in that kind of stuff.  If you ask me, the trolls are cowards.

They went after Kevin Durant, who moved to the Golden State Warriors, the basketball I told you about yesterday. And the haters went for him!

And now here's the thing. The problem is not that he went to Golden State, because if some random player from any team who's always been on the bench, signs with the Warriors, it's not a scandal. Nobody cares. So the fact of going to the Warriors is not the problem.

The fact that he was good and went to the Warriors is the problem. So when you look at it, the actual issue is that he is good and that's why people hate the guy. He's good, Right. And how do you become good? If you ask me, you work hard. You work your butt off. All right.

So this guy has been working for the last 25 years. Twenty five years of his life and dedication. And one day when he has to decide what he wants to do with his life, then all of a sudden people who haven't done anything. Right.

People haven't achieved what he achieved, they want to tell him he shouldn’t this or that and they hate him. If you trained with him and if you were in the NBA, then you can talk…………If you're not, you can't.

If you go work at Apple, what do you do? You celebrate, right? Everybody congratulates you on that. That's career advancement. That's awesome. You did the right thing. But when it comes to him. Well, it's his job. He changed job. That's all he did. When you change company, he signed a contract with another company, which is the Golden State Warriors.

The ONLY thing that matters when dealing with haters

Why can't he do that while the rest of the population has the right to go and sign whatever they want? Right. Are people burning your house because you changed from company to Company B? Are people calling you a traitor and a coward or something? No. But for whatever reason, when it's someone who's a public figure, they do that. Because that's what people are saying.

So forget about him. I'm talking about you now. Same thing will apply to you, right? You have worked work your butt off. You work late nights, weekends and all that stuff to build your products and everything. And all of a sudden everybody has something to say about what you're doing. Oh, man. You can't do that. You shouldn't do this and all this stuff.

No. These people have no right. No right to tell you anything. You should just ignore them, OK? Unless these people were with you from day one and putting in the same effort with everything you've done, well, maybe at that point they have something to say. Otherwise, they don't have anything to say. All right.

You just put that in your mind. These haters that are talking, haven't done any of what you've done. They haven't been in the trenches with you and they have no say into what you want to do. Dude, you earned it.

So, haters, this is how you and you need to handle haters, buddy. The best thing to do is just ignore them. Don't start those Facebook conversations or comment wars, you know, because these people are very brave and courageous behind the computer. You know what they send anyway? Yeah. Then when you meet them face to face, nobody says anything, you know. Ignore them, OK? Ignore them.

I know it's hard to ignore stuff like that, especially if people are insulting you and all that stuff. It's hard, right? But who likes to be insulted? You take it personally, but you don't think about it. Your brain has to be stronger than your emotions in some cases so that you don't end up wasting your precious time and your precious energy.

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