FBC – 284 – Change your sales method and watch the magic happen

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Today we are going to talk about the best way to get people onboard with whatever it is that you are doing. Change your sales method and watch the magic happen.

There is ONE thing that compels people to agree with you and to cooperate with you and most people don't know how to use this deadly weapon.

Today, we are going to arm you with the very best tool in your toolbox and this is going to help you do wonders.

All answers in today's episode

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My good friend Stephanie sent me a video today. And the video was about Simon Sinek, who is the author of “It Starts with Why?”

It's a really, really good reminder of how important this is, and in order to re-explain the importance of a why?

An experiment was carried out to figure out what is necessary for people to accept a demand for you and your product or get them to do something that you want them to do?

So they were trying to figure out what the secret ingredient is. Then afterwards, being able to replicate that and use that in persuasion techniques and stuff.

All right. So basically, this experiment was carried out in a place where you do photocopies and stuff, you know? And so there was a line, a very big line. OK. And, well, basically, people were standing in line. They were there for forever.

And you know that people who are in line, they're very impatient. Right. So don't go and try to push in front of people. You can start a fight with this kind of thing. OK. So they had a few people monitoring and taking notes as they were conducting this experiment. So the experiment was this.

So scenario one was someone in the back of the line asking people if he if he or she could overtake them. The way the person did it was like this: “Can I please move in front of you?”  Well, as you can expect, most of the people said no, hell no.

You know, well, because they had been waiting there forever. OK. So they didn't. The notes were overwhelming. OK. So they wrote that stuff down there like, oh, OK. So this doesn't seem to work.

Now, the second experiment, which they wanted to test, was what if you gave people a reason why you need to overtake them. I don't know if it was the same day or a different day. So they came back with someone else who this time said, oh, can I please overtake you? Because my son is at the hospital and I need to do this quickly or something.

And surprisingly enough, people were very understanding and they allowed that person to go through. So in this case, the number of people who actually said yes or please go ahead was a lot higher than before. I think there were actually more people saying yes than no.

But the difference between, oh, can I please pass you, and can I please pass you because my son is dying and I need to do some copies. The difference was it was incredible. OK, so what does it say? What does it tell you?

Well, it says, well, you know what? The reason why people let them through is because that person had a good reason for wanting to pass them. Now, you might think that this is the end of the experiment. But, no, they wanted to know something else.

Change your sales method and watch the magic happen.

So there is something that's missing in this equation. What they wanted to know was does the reason need to be a good one?

All right, so here in this case, it was my son is dying, I need to do some copies, which, you know, I'm pretty sure that was not justification because you wouldn't be doing copies if your son was dying. But anyway, so they wanted to know. Well, if the reason is crappy, does that still work?

And so they sent someone on the third experiment that said, oh, can I please pass you because I need to make copies. And surprisingly enough, people said, yes, dude, please go ahead. Even though everybody I mean, if you're in the damn line, the reason is because you need to make copies as well.

So all these people actually needed to make copies. But someone told them, oh, can I? And a lot of people said, yes, you can go in. You can pass me. So now. So what does this tell you?

What this experiment demonstrated was that people need a reason. But the reason could be completely irrelevant. So what's the point of this, you know, experience in this story that I'm telling you?

The point is that I want you to understand how important the reason “why” is. If you've listened to the story, you'll notice that in the third experiment, the reason was completely bogus. You just need to have a reason there. If you have one, your chances of success are way, way, way better because you have a reason for doing something.

And it doesn't matter if it's a good or like a crappy reason. You just need one. All right. So now the point is that if you have a reason why you're doing something, it's more likely to be accepted by others. OK, so now how does it manifest or how do you use that?

So the way you use it is by when you present yourself, represent your company or present your product and stuff, you are going to format it differently. And this is one of the points that Simon Sinek actually makes in this book.

So instead of telling people how your product works, you must start by presenting yourself, your company, your services and stuff, using the “WHY” first.

Why are you doing this? And then afterwards, this is how it works. And that's the actual product. Right. So this is how you need to format something for the best results. OK. It's counter intuitive because when you're interacting with people and everybody actually does the same thing, telling you what they do, nobody tells you exactly why I am here.

So hopefully that's going to be of interest for you.

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