FBC – 286 – Do you have a mental block holding you back?

Today we are going to talk about one of the biggest mental blocks that most people have when it comes to starting a business or teaching anything to anybody. You might actually be suffering from that without any hopes of solving the problem.

This is your lucky day because we are going to debunk this mental block and allow you to live up to your potential.

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The subject for today is a quote that I heard in an interview. And I just thought it was very, very well said.

So this guy had been working online for a while he never actually got the results that he wanted, but he persevered. And then afterwards he bought a training. So he actually bought my training, where I taught him how to automate stuff and how to actually turn this business that wasn't working into a very, very profitable business. And in addition, the business that runs without him.

So he's basically getting money and he can actually go and do whatever he wants to do. OK, so we were basically talking about this. So I was interviewing him, to be honest. And in the interview he said something and I was like, oh, you know what this is really well said.

So one of the main barriers for him, you know, you have these roadblocks and stuff and these limiting beliefs, so the biggest limiting belief for him was that he felt that he wasn't skilled enough or he didn't have the necessary authority or legitimacy to teach people.

I think a lot of you guys have this as well. I've had that as well. And maybe in some cases I do still have it. Right, because these are things that you might forget. I think it's called the imposter syndrome, where you feel like you're an imposter, right.

Because of the tone, because you're not assertive and you don't actually believe in what you are actually saying, it can feel like you don't know what you're talking about. So there are some people who are actually very good at this, even though they don't know anything about the subject, you know, all these con artists and imposters and stuff, you know, the real ones.

Something that we were doing with one of my colleagues back when I was working in this company was a little challenge.  There is a website called The People Tool which creates these sentences that politicians and stuff will use with these long sentences that actually don't make any sense. But they sound really smart. And when you hear them, you're like, oh, all right, OK.

So we basically had a challenge with my buddy and it was that when we had to do client presentations, we had to use at least one sentence from this website. And these are highly sophisticated sentences with really nice and beautiful words that make you so smart. But the whole thing doesn't mean anything. All right. And my buddy was so good at it because he was so assertive.

You could see everybody around the table looking at one another and they nodded. That sounds really smart. He seems to be convinced what he was saying and he was so good at it. They always won the challenge.

Do you have a mental block holding you back?

But anyway, so all this to say that if you have this, like, imposter syndrome in you and you don't actually believe in what you're saying, it will transpire.

So, you know, coming back to the sentence that he said, because, you know, I've been diverging a lot, he basically he said this. “I had to realize that my failures were better than their successes”.

I'm not saying this because you think you're the best and other people are idiots and all that stuff. But here's the thing.

So when you have this feeling of being an imposter, you have to remember something. And this is very, very important because it's blocking a lot of you guys.

You don't need to be the biggest expert on the planet to teach something to people. You just need to be one step ahead of these people. That's all you need. OK, one step ahead. So this this sentence might sound very presumptuous and like, oh, who the hell do you think you are? But here's the thing.

Your failures, you know, when you're an entrepreneur and you're trying stuff and you're going out there and doing stuff, your failures are very often better than these people's achievements just because they've never tried anything. Right.

Just the fact that you have tried, even if you've failed, it's already one step ahead of someone who has never tried and is afraid and stuff like that. So that was the biggest realization for him. And that was actually what made the difference.

You know, he said that he heard that in my podcast, which is pretty cool.

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