FBC – 292 – I attended an entrepreneur event and here is the verdict…

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Today I want to talk to you about an entrepreneur event that happened in Bali. Some of you might be asking yourselves if these events are worth it, if you should attend them or not and what actually happens there.

All the answers and my honest opinion about this event in this episode.

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I went to this event for entrepreneurs and stuff here in in Canggu where I live.  400 people or something that gathered there and all the people work online and stuff like that.

I don't actually ever attend these kinds of events, I'm just not a super big fan. But my friend Brian was there and he suggested I show up. I don't have anything against it. So I went to see him and support him because his daughter was actually giving a speech there. Remember I told you about this little girl. She's 11.

And she had a collection, Jesus Christ, because last time I saw a collection was a while ago. And now this collection is awesome. It looks like these high end shops like Rodeo Drive or something like that.

But you know, these events and stuff, I usually go there when I'm a speaker. So I'm a speaker and I go there because I have something to teach people and then I can answer questions and stuff. But as like an attendee, I will carefully select the events I go to.

So I didn't stay for too long but I also went there because the co-founder of Mind Valley was there giving a chat. And that's the main reason why I actually left, is that people were being very disrespectful in the sense that the setup of the room meant there was a lot of echo and stuff. So everybody was cramped up in the same room.

So once she was talking, there were three hundred people in the back talking and it was like impossible to hear the poor woman. So as interesting as these things were, I mean, you could hear only half a half of it.

I attended an entrepreneur event and here is the verdict

And so the concept of these gatherings there, so is it beneficial? Should you go? Should you not go and stuff? Well, it depends. It really depends on who you are. You can definitely meet some people you could actually work with and collaborate with.

Yeah, it is possible, but I don't know how quickly you want to go and meet someone, you know, have a chat and then go out for lunch and stuff, you know, get to know each other before you start working with people? If you’re thinking about doing something with a person you don't actually know, then it could be a disaster. But you can make some great connections there too.

And it's interesting because I saw this quote on YouTube. And there was this guy who was saying this, and I thought it was really interesting. He said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go in a group” or something, something like that, and I was like, well, this is interesting.

So that's why this concept of events where you go and you meet people, it's not that you were actually going there and like building your team. But it could be that you can meet somewhere there, someone there. And I think the quote is actually is quite accurate.

Me right now. I'm doing a lot of the groundwork by myself, but I do have a team. I have people who are pushing in the same direction and helping me move forward. It's true that, you know, before I had them, I was doing some stuff, but I could have scaled the business only to a certain point. At the time, I wasn't an expert in automation and stuff like that. But even automation, if you have help to take care of some other tasks and stuff while you're doing that, then it helps.

So, yeah, it really helps if you want to go a bit farther and scale your business and stuff. You know, as much as people tell you that they're a one man army or something, I'm pretty sure they have some people, at least two or three people helping them out with stuff..

OK, so, yeah, you, you know, working in groups has benefits and has your drawbacks. And then it's up to you to decide if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages or the other way around. Or you can do like a mix of both, 70 percent by yourself, 30 percent with others.

But I really think that this event actually had some validity in it because my own experience was that as soon as I had people to help me out with stuff, then, yeah, I went a lot farther than if I had to do it by myself.

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