FBC – 297 – When everything goes to hell

Guys today is going to be a very short podcast where I just want to complain and rant he he. When everything goes to hell. Sometimes you need one of those time when everything goes south. Anyway, nobody died and things will turn out fine but sometimes it just feels good to rant he he.

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So, guys today I just didn't want to miss the podcast. Today is going to be a very short podcast. I just had the worst 30 minutes. So it's 2:00 a.m. I was supposed to send a payment via PayPal and I sent it to a certain account. It got me in all sorts of trouble.  My American Express, I don't know, they just got weird. They started asking me for all sorts of documents. They blocked my card and it was horrible. Oh, Jesus Christ. This dude was asking me all sorts of questions about my personal life.

But anyway, I didn't want my card to be to be blocked. So basically they said you can't send money to this account. They said it's a personal card. You can't use it for professional stuff. OK, ok, fine. Please get off my back and it's not going to happen again. And now I was trying to transfer some funds to that account and I didn't pay attention and I used my American Express!

So I have to call PayPal. PayPal tells me there's nothing we can do. You need to wait until you get the money and then refund it. Well, when I get the money, it's going to be too late. So, yeah, anyway, so I tried to explain to American Express what happened. Hopefully they're going to understand.

I mean sometimes I make a payment and it goes under review for some reason. I have no idea why and it’s really annoying.

And now I just realized something is that at some point I wanted to put a foreign card on my account and, um. Yeah, and, you know, some guy over there actually managed to do it, so it could be the reason why, you know, it's triggering all sorts of red flags and stuff. And the last thing I want is someone to go and start looking into it. Hopefully they're not going to mess up my whole thing.

When everything goes to hell

It could be a problem. So, yeah, it's just not the best. Last hour and a half, so. Uh, yeah, you know, I’m going to bed, I solved the problems. And so, yeah, I'm just going to go to bed, you know, sorry, it's a very short podcast this time. But, gee, you know, sometimes you have one of those problems, like Murphy's Law I think? This thing, when something everything goes wrong.

I mean, it's not the end of the world. Nobody died or anything, so. But it's just an unnecessary hassle that I have to deal with. Well, anyway, sorry. I just had to, you know, to vent or something and then now I can just go to bed. So tomorrow we can have like a normal podcast and without me venting or ranting or something.

All right. So you guys have a great one and hopefully you'll have a better day than me. But, you know, again, as my buddy says, it's better than a kick in the nuts and it is better than a kick in the butt!!

So, you know, I'm pretty sure everything's going to be fine.

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