FBC – 4 – Part 2 – How much money you actually need? The story of my life.

Part 2 of today's podcast is going to reveal the truth about how much money you actually need. 
In addition, I share more details about my life and the worst thing that ever happened to me. That experience changed EVERYTHING went on to affect the rest of my life and changed. 
My life Journey, success, failure and things i had to overcome in order to be where I am today. How much money do you really need?
More details Inside… 

I sent some CVs out in England and after two hours, a company called me and “We like you’re profile. We'd like you to come to England to go through the interview process”. So I went there. The company was amazing. They loved me and they told me “we want you in our company”. So I went back to France, collected my stuff and I left. I left everything behind. My friends and family. I didn't know the first thing about England.

These are some of the sacrifices that people would actually do to get to where they want to go. “Oh yeah I see that you're traveling, you're in this country you're so lucky!”

No it's not easy man. You need to leave everything behind. I didn't know anything, my family wasn't there. I had no friends…… no nothing. So it was challenging. So the company I worked for in England was the best company I've worked with for in my entire career. It was absolutely awesome. These guys were awesome. So what I learned there was the intellectual curiosity of trying to learn more and understand why we're doing things.

I had a mentor who told me everything about how to deal with management and stuff and how you can get everything you want from management. I learned from this guy. His name is Dominic young. He's the best mentor I've had. He probably doesn't know it but he taught me a lot about everything and so yeah, thanks for his advice. I've been able afterwards in my career to get everything I wanted from management. Like everything. Every time I needed a raise I got a raise. But then the worst thing happened.

So I was playing basketball in England and during a random pickup game, I broke my leg really badly. So it was tibia and fibula, the bones in your lower leg.  I didn't have anything. So my parents were not there. My brother wasn’t there and yeah it was it was pretty challenging. It was really hard. My mentor!! He's the one I called and he came to the hospital to get my stuff for me from my house and he came to visit me every day.

But what, happened was at that point the doctors in England, they kind of messed up my leg. Instead of fixing it properly, they readjusted my leg manually without anaesthesia or anything trying to realign the bones but they did a terrible job. So I ended up instead of being operated. I had a cast. I was confined to a wheelchair and crutches.

So I had to go back to France to my parents’ house. It was horrible. It was just me in a wheelchair navigating the house. And I had a really good buddy of mine who actually came to see me every day to keep me company to go do my groceries. A Very good friend of mine. He’s like a brother to me today.

They broke my leg again on purpose and had to operate on my ankle. So they put some metal things and plates and stuff on my leg and everything. And so at that point I was told that I will never ever play basketball again. And the lesson that I want to tell you about why it's important for what I'm doing today is that,  I refused actually to stop playing basketball and I said that I was going to play basketball again no matter what it took and no matter how long it took. I worked relentlessly to get back on the court. So after all this, I couldn’t walk for like maybe two years. And then I couldn't run for another five years. So I found a gym that was open at night and I was there every night when everybody was sleeping. And I learnt everything again! I did that for three years just to be able to run again. And that helped me build my character and helped me overcome all these challenges by taking baby steps.

So that whole experience basically helped me get to where I am today because you know I have no idea how I'm going to get to a specific point but I'm going to put in the work consistently every day.

The businesses that I have today are the result of everything that happened to me. But I tried a lot of things. I had no idea what I was doing. And a lot of them would fail. Most of them actually failed but you only see the ones that work and when I find something that works, then at that point, yes I will I will try and replicate it. And this is what you see.

Basically what I did was that for three years I worked days and nights. So after my day job I was working at night, looking on the Internet trying to figure out what people were doing. Then reverse engineering it and stuff because I had this objective of starting to travel and being free.

I did that for three years and eventually it worked. And that's when I started to travel. And the cool thing I mean for me was that I bought a round the world tour ticket. I was able to choose the destinations that I wanted to go to.

So the first one was Mexico, and then the second was Haiti, then Fiji, then the Philippines. And I was staying three months in each location and from there I was going left and right to see like all the islands and everything around because I had a bucket list full of islands that I wanted to see. And I've been yeah I've been able to see some of the best. Like the most beautiful islands you can think of like Fiji, the Cook Islands and the Seychelles.

So that's what people see today. I can afford to travel and stuff but that's how I got there. And so today I finally ended up in Bali. So I live in Bali now and I love this place because of the mental stimulation, intellectual stimulation that I get here from all the people I meet because a lot of people work online. People have really interesting stories and people understand what you do. They understand everything that happens in the business when nobody is looking. And that's very important for me. But there is something I make sure of is to thank and give back to everybody that helped me get here. That's very important for me. They just helped me out of the goodness of their hearts.

So that’s all about how I got to where I am today.

So how much money do you really need? Try to look at it like this;

So basically if you wanted to have a forty thousand a year lifestyle the only thing you have to do is earn one hundred and ten dollars a day. So it's less your objective should be to make one hundred and ten a day then you know it becomes way easier. And with forty thousand you can have a good life. And now listen to this………

Right now maybe you're earning forty thousand. But the thing is that to drive a car. You have to put gas in it.  You have lunches when you go to work. All these expenses are associated with your job because you need to commute. But what if you can make those 40 thousand from your house? For starters you will save a lot of money on gas. You'll save a lot of money on lunches at Starbucks and all this stuff. And I don't know maybe you have a bus pass you have like underground pass or something.

All that stuff you can save a lot of money on. And all of a sudden, all that budget that was allocated for those activities… you have it for yourself!

So I want you to grasp this and actually try to consider how much money you need. Even if you're not thinking about quitting your job. So you still have a job and let's say you make forty thousand a month for a thousand a year. That's a lot. Well let's say you make another 40 thousand dollars a year online? Let me double your salary. Did you measure this stuff? You can do it and you will have a comfortable life. You'll be able to do and buy stuff without thinking too much, which is what we want.

You don't necessarily want millions. What you want is peace of mind.

So that was what I wanted to touch base on. You know there are different schools. People will tell you need to be super ambitious stuff.

You know there's a difference between what you want and what you need. And what I just gave you here is what we need. You don't need to earn millions but you can want to earn millions, because that will give you an objective and some direction, so you can actually have both. But you just need to make a distinction between what you need and what you want.

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