FBC – 73 – This will boost your morale

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This will boost your morale.

Today I am going to give you a morale booster that will greatly help when you are doubting yourself. It helps me every day and I hope it will help you too.

OK so today what I wanted to tell you about is patience. I'm right in the middle of it. Patience, expectations and realistic expectations.

So what I want to say here is so very often when you're just starting out you are looking around at what other people are doing. So you look at the gurus or people who are more advanced than you and you reverse engineer what they're doing. And when you finally get it right, you're like Okay I know how they're doing it. I am going to do the same thing.

So you manage to put in place a funnel and whatever these people are doing. And well you expect to have the same results. And if after like a week or two you don’t have the results then you're disappointed and you think that it doesn't work and that you suck. Why does it work for them it doesn't work for me? You know there must be a problem with me I suck. OK.

So this is something that I see very often. And sometimes it could happen to me as well you know. And the reason why I'm telling you that is that I'm right in the middle of it with some of my projects where I'm looking at what works here and there and identifying why it works and trying to reproduce it.

This will boost your morale

And the lesson I wanted to give you here is that there is the tip of the iceberg. OK. So you can you see the results of what they put in place but you don't know how much time it took them to put in place. And very often it took five years, six years to put it in place. OK.

And you know even though you might have found exactly how they're doing it, you need to understand maybe in two weeks it's not going to be possible to do the same thing because it took them years. So if you manage to do it even in like three four months then it's exceptional. Right.

So that's why I was saying you need to have some realistic expectations with regards to what you're doing especially if you're modelling after someone else. you know like a doctor for example.

Let's say you've been a doctor and they have to study for like 10 years or whatever right to do stuff you know and you can't arriving like first year of your medical school and just assume you're going to do the same thing as a surgeon who has 20 years’ experience, even though you know what he does, I cut here I cut there and then do this and I clamp this, etc.

So when you are working on something like this just understand that you just need some patience and some realistic expectations. And again there is something I want you guys to remember is that there are companies today, household names that are still not profitable. You know companies like Uber or Twitter or you know all these companies they've been there 10 years or something. They're still not profitable.

Some of these businesses they're happy if they're profitable after like two years three years. Right. You have to understand this is a majority of businesses. So if you manage to be profitable after like you know six months or something you're doing already way better than most of the companies out there. All right. And this is something you have to remember is don't be in the rush to have the results. This stuff is going to take time.

I think there are billions of Internet sites out there and it's not because you managed to do your site, people are going to flock and get on your site. Right you need a little bit of promotion. People need to get to know you. They need some time to talk to their friends and to bring more people. And you need to make a name for yourself. That's how it works.

Don't be disappointed or like impatient and stuff. Have realistic expectations and understand that Rome wasn't built in a day. And all these like googles and stuff that built empires or whatever they didn't build that in one day either and most of the businesses out there they need at least like two or three years before they make any money because they're profitable.

So that's the lesson for today. OK. If you have some realistic expectations and if you understand that some of the work that you're going to put in is going to take time, then it's fine, you can go to bed happy and you can be motivated every day instead of like doubting yourself and thinking that you're an idiot because you know this other guy has been in the game for 15 years and when he launches his new product…. BAM it's a huge success.

Yes it's a success because the guy already has a database and stuff but that database was built over X years you know.

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