FBC – 94 – How to resist the fear of missing out?

How to resist the fear of missing out.

We are confronted every day with new offers and juicy deals urging is to buy or sign up. How can we find the strength to resist? answers inside….

Today I just wanted to talk to you guys about something we all experience, which is the FOMO.

“Fear of missing out”.  When you're in business and internet marketing you're confronted everyday with this. Every day you see a new product or something. Oh man oh there's this new product you need to buy it now otherwise it's gone and it's always like Oh if you don't act now that's it. And it's very hard to resist it. So a lot of people create some pretty cool tools and stuff. So every day I get like five new different tools

And it's really hard to resist it. At some point you have to you have to understand something.

So this fear of missing out is not just in business right. It's with everything. And the marketers know it!  We never want to miss out and they know that stuff. You want to people to buy now. You know it's not like you create the sales page and say “Here's the product. Buy it next year, its fine. Nobody does this. You obviously have to tell them they need to buy now. Because if people are distracted or busy and stuff, if they don't buy now, they might never come back to the page.

So it's understandable that stuff is done to make you buy now. So I want to ask you a question. So let's say for example you're applying for a job. If that's your job and you're at this interview and the person interviewing you will tell you “this is the best job on the planet. You need to take it now because this job is going to work. So you're going to get mad money this month. But next month. Who knows? You will be too late”.

Would you sign up for the job?  So what am I trying to say here is you wouldn't sign up for a job that's going to work for only this month and then you're going to have to find something else. Right. So who wants to sign up for that kind of job?  I want a job that is going to pay me for the rest of my life or until I quit. So that's a logic that you will apply with your job but with a product it’s different.

So when you are tempted to buy this stuff, try to analyse the situation. You want something that will help you build a stable life and lead you towards your long term dream. And trust me I am confronted by it. I get a lot of e-mails about new products and all that stuff. But you still have to keep a cool head.

How to resist the fear of missing out.

Because every day you're going to be confronted with new products and my take is that I don't necessarily look at the tools, I look at the strategy that's behind it. If that strategy has been proven to work, then it could be worth looking at.

My trick for dealing with like fear of missing out is like analysing it that way, saying well you know what?

If it's not going to work in two weeks or whatever, you know what? I'll pass. This is just a trick you have to use like the Jedi mind tricks on your own mind to be able to keep a cool head and stay in your lane and keep doing what you're doing.

So hopefully that helps some of you guys. It does help me. And this fear of missing out is something horrible. It's like tearing you apart when you when you're looking at this product, you look at your credit card you look at the screen……then you end up buying it. And then most of the time you don't use it.

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