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Learn how to make money from home with my step-by-step plan to build a $5,000 per month passive income empire using nothing but free traffic


Attention: The course is being updated now and will be delivered to the first 100 when it's launched

Attention Entrepreneurs: 


Online passive income is the ultimate dream. Making money while you sleep. Everybody wants it.

But is it really possible?

The short answer is “yes.”

The longer answer is “yes, but it isn't easy to accomplish. Especially if you don’t know what you are doing”

If it was, wouldn't everyone be doing it?

In my course, I give you a step-by-step plan on how to develop a passive income empire, running on free traffic, and show you how making money online actually works.

The specific plan I teach is designed to make you $5,000 per month in passive income earnings, by creating a few “Magic Links” 🪄 that generate thousands of visitors, and thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions, per day, for you on complete autopilot.

Once you understand the process though, you can decide to build 20 of these “Magic Links”, or 100 if you feel like it! Sky is the limit 💰.

When you stop is up to you (and yes, there are dozens of our students making tens of thousands of dollars per month using this method – they just love the work and don't ever stop building new links and earning more affiliate commissions!).

What's great about the hack that I teach you is, not only the income level you will accomplish if you follow through, but all that you will learn in the process.

The first lesson you are taught is the foundation of affiliate marketing and how to earn money by leveraging other people’s work 💸.

The skills you learn in this course will allow you to build all kinds of online businesses and open the door for all kinds of entrepreneurial projects you may have.

Not only that, you will be able to completely automate any business and transform it into a passive income machine with ease, even if you are just starting out.

You will understand the fundamentals of automation, traffic, lead generation, monetization & conversion testing. These skills will help you immensely in ANY business you ever decide to start (online or not, passive or not).

I would normally tell you that generating an online passive income doesn’t happen overnight…and that it takes a lot of hard work before seeing any result. And this is true in most case!

However, when you understand the secret behind free traffic generation, you can start earning passive income in as little as 24h!

Having an exact plan of action, that delivers results over and over again, is the ONLY way to ensure success.


Want To See Some Proof ? 

Check out how much money the system has delivered CONSISTENTLY in the last 3 years on full automation 👇

How Much Money Does The System Make Me? Ready For Some Stats?

Attention: The course is being updated now and will be delivered to the first 100 when it's launched

Let me put it this way:

If you were offered the opportunity to take a few hours of your time today, to build an evergreen free traffic source, that will generate $5,000+ per month for the rest of your life, would that be worth it to you?

If that idea isn't unbelievably exciting to you, then this isn't the business for you.

With this business, instead of trading your time for money (like most jobs), you are investing a little bit of your time to build a money printing machine today 🤑.

You work smart now and continue to reap the benefits indefinitely.

Building an online business, with my proprietary traffic hack, is the fastest and easiest way for beginners to accepted in the coveted passive income club..

That's the kind of business I teach you in this course.

If you want to make money and create passive income streams, then you need to learn important action steps that I teach you in this course.


Want to see of much traffic my Magic Links generate per day, FOR FREE?

How Many FREE Leads Do I Get Per Day With My Magic Link?

Who am I Anyway?

Evergreen Traffic Secrets 2.0b 27

Hi, I'm Martin Ebongue 

And I Will Help YOU take control of your personal finances, earn more money on the side. I’ll share my proven techniques for transforming your financial outlook this year.

Evergreen Traffic Secrets 2.0b 28

I perfected my skills over the years to  become a Super Affiliate & earn passive income while traveling full-time.

I will show you how to reach your personal financial goals and how to turn your passions into extra income on the side

What's in Evergreen Traffic Secrets

Attention: The course is being updated now and will be delivered to the first 100 when it's launched

But that's not all…

The ONLY Secret strategy that allows beginners to start a passive income business on Fiverr without investment, skills or actually doing any of the work.

This is the same method that my students use to earn $3,000+ per month on Fiverr Without working more than 30 minutes a day

This course NORMALLY COSTS $297 but you can get it at no cost with your order today! 

$297,00 Value – INCLUDED With Your Purchase Today


Earn Passive Income using automated Chatbots that work for you 24/7 365 days a year.

Live The Digital Nomad Lifestyle WITHOUT Ever Worrying About Your Finances!

This is the same method that I used to build profitable groups and communities on autopilot that make me tens of thousands of dollars.

This course NORMALLY COSTS $297 but you can get it at no cost with your order today! 

$297,00 Value – INCLUDED With Your Purchase Today

In this FAST ACTION bonus, you are going to learn how to create the avatar of the future. The same technology that you saw on this page. These high converting avatars can be created in a few clicks, using my blueprint.

Imagine having your own, sales avatar that genrate sales for you that work for you 24/7 365 days a year.

YOU don't need to appear on camera and do everything by writing a few lines of text and that's it. 

This is the same technology that I used on this page. It boosted my conversion rates by 267% and make me thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month.

This course NORMALLY NOT EVEN FOR SALE but you can get it at no cost with your order today! 

$697,00 Value – INCLUDED With Your Purchase Today

Attention: The course is being updated now and will be delivered to the first 100 when it's launched

Why is it that most people fail in affiliate marketing? Because they find it difficult to take action and commit.

I can't do it for you… I agree. However, what I can do is make it so easy for you that you don't have to spend any time on it. By making it dead easy and automated, you don't have any excuse not to succeed and earn money online.

You'll see how fast & easy it is when you join the revolution…

Now you are faced with 2 choices:

Option 1 - Abandon

You continue as you have always done up until now. Taking the risk of struggling every single month & working hard until you die. Working your whole life to build someone else's dream instead of yours.

Option 2 - Take Action

Join the Evergreen Traffic Secrets Revolution Today. Get your fully automated passive income system setup in the next 24 hours and start earning money online on autopilot...For LIFE.

This limited offer will expire as soon as I reach 100 new students (don't miss out)

Attention: The course is being updated now and will be delivered to the first 100 when it's launched

No you don't need a lot of time on your hands to get started. You'll need to follow my step by step videos to setup your platform and your magic links. From there, the automation is going to do the rest.

Yes it's completely secure because we use the best and latest encryption protocols to guarantee that your information is safe. 

This is a pre-sale for the Evergreen Traffic Course. You will be one of the 100 privileged people who will be allowed to get in the program. The course is going te be released any time now and you will be notified and granted access as soon as it's live

This is a lifetime access to the training. There is no expiration date. Once you are in the family we will take care of you forever. 

The good news is that thanks to this method, you don't have to do anything to earn passive income if you don't want to. Of course, creating content might help accelerate things but it's not mandatory. So no obligation to produce, social posts, videos, ads, blog posts or anything for that matter. Once the machine is setup you are good to go

You can actually start an affiliate business on a shoestring budget and then reinvest your commissions to make it grow. I would say that, with $200 of starting capital you should be able to conver everthing you will ever need to get started

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