FBC – 379 – Here is the magic formula for IMMEDIATE success

Here is the magic formula for IMMEDIATE success.

Are you looking for the formula for immediate online success?

Then this episode is for you!

Maybe you are trying to achieve your goals and don't know:

– What the roadmap is

– Where to start

– What shortcuts you can take for fast results

In this episode, we are going to break it down for you and, FINALLY, give you the real formula for success

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What's the magic pill for success? What's the shortcut and stuff?  The quick fix, oh, man. How can I be successful now? All right.

So a very interesting question. I get asked that a lot and the answer is yes. Well, you know, people do ask me for that magic formula to success. And I have to say that there actually is a formula, but it might not be the formula that you want to hear.

OK, because here's the thing. There is no magic pill, OK? There's no shortcut. There are shortcuts that will take you a little bit faster. But there are no shortcuts when you're a beginner.

But there are things that can help you like for example, if you find a mentor or something, then these people can, you know, show you the ropes. They can get you to avoid years of trials and errors and all that kind of stuff. Even though these trials and errors are very useful in the sense that they help you build reflexes and also be more prepared for situations that come around.

But you still have to go through some of these steps. If you want to master a subject as a whole, you have to go through the steps and look at it before the actual mastery of it. If you want to be really good at it and if you're passionate about something, then you will have to go through this. There is no way around this.

If you ask me, there is no such thing as overnight success because, these people maybe you heard about, you don't know everything they did before and you don't know the level of preparation that they had so that, you know, when that opportunity is there, they're able to seize it.

OK, but it's like everything in every possible field. So it could be in business, right? It could be in your health and fitness in like relationship and stuff. There are still some things that you have to go through. So it might not be what people want to hear, but you just have to go through it.

OK, let's say, for example I decide I want to be an NBA player. I can't sit on my ass here and not do anything. And then tomorrow I'll be in the NBA finals and think that I'm going to do well. So even if someone by random coincidence manages to get me there, you know, on the court, I’ll look like an idiot.

I am not prepared like these guys. They've prepared all their life. They're fit, they're trained. They know the technique and all that kind of stuff. So you will have to go through the steps to get to the NBA finals level. You cannot just put some random person there just the same way you cannot put someone in the like the finals of Wimbledon against Roger Federer directly. Do you think that if I put you up against Federer on the court, how well do you think you're going to do?

Here is the magic formula for IMMEDIATE success

So it's the same for businesses. Why? There is the whole journey. I can teach you a specific sub segment of this whole, like, entrepreneurship space. And I can actually teach you that in 48 hours and you will be able to do it. But it's just like a tiny part of it.

So I summarize everything so that you only focus on the essentials, right, but if you want to be like a proper expert and all that kind of stuff, while I can get you there overnight, you know. So, yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Just put in the work and go step by step, you can’t go from step one to step five. You still have to go to step two, three, four, you still have to go there so that you understand the entirety of the mechanisms.

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