FBC – 416 – The truth about going viral & making tons of money

The truth about going viral & making tons of money.

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Many people dream of “going viral”. You are probably one of them.

Going viral is, in many people's minds synonym of fame and riches.

Most of the content produced online is done with one goal in mind: going viral (at all costs sometimes)

The most important question is not, should you aim to go viral or not.

The most important question is whether or not you will be better of when you get viral?

Does the virality immediately opens the heavens gates of fame and glory? or on the contrary, there is more to it.

This is what we are going to discuss in today's episode and my answer might surprise you

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“There are lots of bad reasons to start a company. But there’s only one good, legitimate reason, and I think you know what it is: it’s to change the world.”
– Phil Libin, CEO Evernote

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I wanted to talk to you about something that everybody wants and something that everybody has big misconceptions on, which is going viral.

OK, so everybody wants to go viral. That's the one thing that people are asking all the time. How do I go viral on YouTube? How do I go viral on Instagram?

If you go viral, that's it. You're bigger, it's done and that's the end of it. We all assume that. You're going to make so much money, but you will actually be surprised. A lot of the people who went viral didn't make any money. They're back to where they were before.

So which brings the question of what's the point of going viral? How does that work? How does being viral convert into money?

OK, so the big misconception, I think, is because we hear stories of people like Justin Bieber who went viral and they had like a big career and they made a lot of money. But here's the thing. One thing you don't know about Justin Bieber is that everything that was behind that reality, wasn't an accident.

There's one guy who's behind that.  And he's the same guy who was behind Gangnam Style. It's the same guy who's behind both of them. OK, so, you know, in our mind, we have maybe a few examples of someone who went viral and then it boosted their career. And then today, they're famous and they're still well-known and all that kind of stuff.

So you will be surprised what the percentages are of people who actually make any money once they go viral. But everybody is fighting to go viral because they just think that it's the Eldorado. Right.

Right now, our attention is divided. Everybody is pulling off in every single direction on social media and stuff. Right. So people will forget about a viral video the next day. That's it. It's done. OK, in most cases, that's what happens.

You know, you go viral for like 48 hours and it’s insane. And then afterwards, boom, it just goes back to normal, you know. And so there are a lot of people who sadly, they have this fame for a few days and stuff, maybe a week.

People recognize you. And then afterwards you go back to whatever you were before. And a lot of people, they end up getting depressed and stuff. So, you know, so you might be wondering what's the point of going viral? So how is it that some people make money, some people don't make money?

The truth about going viral & making tons of money

OK, so this is where I actually want to remind you of a few things, OK? And remind you of my way of thinking. So this is not the absolute truth and this is not a law in the universe or something. It's not like gravity or something that works for everybody. This is what I think.

I think that there is no such thing as luck. You know, like people say, oh, man, he was lucky, went viral.

So some dude was dancing in front of the store or something like this. Then he starts getting all this attention, but he doesn't know how to take the attention. OK, so if you know, for example, how to take the how to manage all that attention, for example, let's say let's take the example of a website.

So Bob doesn't know the first thing about like retaining the client. And all of a sudden there are a million people on Bob's website. The Web server is about to crash. And then the next day, people have forgotten. Susan's more interesting because Susan is doing some polka moves that nobody has ever seen before. Whereas Bob's Salsa movements are a thing of the past.

But here's the problem. The thing is that, Bob, when you went to this website, well, Bob never actually gave you an opportunity to come back and take your email. He didn't take anything. You know, he didn't get you into a group or a messenger board or anything.

There are so many websites, so many videos, and so many things every single day that people don't remember you. OK, because very often when these people go viral, they weren't ready for it. They're like, dude, what happened? And you start getting all these notifications and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but people have no idea what to do.

The people who actually benefit and actually profit in the long run form going viral are the people who are ahead of time. They made everything they could so that if you ever arrive there, they already have something in place.

So that you arrive, they put you on their YouTube channel, they send you some notifications, they put you on an email list, and they put you somewhere where even though you forget about them, because that's what people do.

You know, and then they are still able to send you an email saying, hey, remember me? And then you go back. Oh, yeah. I love Bob.

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