FBC – 426 – Is television really that bad for you? You decide

Is television really that bad for you? You decide.

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Are you for or against television?

There is a heated debate about the dangers or benefits of television on younger generations

Are you one of those people who think that kids shouldn’t ever stare at a screen and should be out running left and right?

Or are you the type to let you kids in front of a screen?

Is television getting in the way of your goals, ambitions, and dreams (as many entrepreneurs would point it out)

Or is there more to it?

This is exactly what we are going to discuss in today’s episode. I am going to give you my honest opinion on the subject and…

let’s just say that some things could surprise you

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“High expectations are the key to everything.”
– Sam Walton, founder Walmart

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Is television good for you? Is television bad for you? And I don't know what you think.

So I stopped watching television ten years ago. I mean the main reason for me was the news.  The news was so depressing. It's always about something bad, you know, something scandalous. So if you look at the news, then you feel like there is nothing good that's actually happening on this planet.

It basically changes your perspective on your fellow human beings. And you just think that everybody's out to get you, you know, start being paranoid because you heard that, well, this happened.

So the TV is not necessarily making it happen. But by only showing you this makes you, like, really paranoid and stuff.

There was a big crisis. I think it was 2012. It was like, oh, man, it's the economic crisis. Everything is going to fall apart and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So this is what the media was basically telling everybody. I mean, everything is going to hell and everything.

So me, because I wasn't watching television, I wasn't reading the papers or anything, I had absolutely no idea of what happened. But most people just felt like, oh, man, it's the crisis is this is that. And people are really paranoid. But because I was outside the system and I had no idea that all this stuff was happening, I was seeing the world as it was.

But in actual fact, nothing really changed. And for me, what's the big panic? I don't I don't see people running and with like machetes or machine guns and killing each other and businesses closing and all that kind of stuff. I didn't see any of this.

Is television really that bad for you? You decide

So that was the main thing for me was, look, I want to be able to see the world for what it is and actually start trusting people a little bit more, you know, because you don't watch TV, you just start to distrust people and be wary of anybody. You know, people talk to you, you think they're scammers and stuff like this.

I'm a lot happier than before when I was following the news and all that kind of stuff, like really depressing stuff. And people ask me how do you know how what's happening and stuff? I'm like, look, if there is something major, I will hear about it from people.

I was watching a documentary on Bill Gates and the guy was saying, look, the news will show you what happened today. That's what the news does, right? Well, this is what happened today. But they don't show you what happens every day. When he said that it made so much sense, I was like, yeah, the guy is right.

I mean, TV is like anything. It depends on how you use it. It can be dangerous, you know. It's my opinion. Right. So if, for example, there is this distrust that you build against everybody because you saw this on television and now that kind of stuff, for me it's dangerous.

But if you ask someone else who has different views and who is like survivalist, for example, they will tell you that, oh, no, no, no, this is the way to go. You need to protect yourself and you need to go in the bunker and all that kind of stuff.

So, you know, from their perspective, its information to help them protect themselves. And it's not dangerous. Right. So, you know, it's a matter of opinions and perspectives. But from my perspective, this kind of stuff where it’s actually promoting hate and distrust between people I think is dangerous.

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