FBC – 453 – What Failure REALLY means

What Failure REALLY means.

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Are you afraid of failing? It's understandable… obviously, nobody likes to fail!

But what does the term failing actually mean to you specifically?

What is so scary about failing that we have to avoid it at all costs?

In this episode, I am going to help you look at the whole pailing issue from a different angle.

We will discuss this concept using examples that will make sense to you and will shed a completely new light on the word “failure”

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.”
-Josh James, co-founder and CEO Omniture, founder and CEO Domo

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Experience doesn't mean that you can't do something. It just means that you haven't had the chance to do it. It is something that I believe. But there are also some behaviours that someone who hasn't started yet, would exhibit.

It is a lot easier for me when the person has a little bit of experience. So it's not impossible for someone who doesn't have experience as long as they have the right mind-set. But if you have experience and you're still in the game after a few years, it means that, you know, you had to learn a few things the hard way and this will be helpful.

OK, one of the things that I get a lot from people is, you know, people telling me that, man, you know what, I don't want to fail. I'm afraid of failure. What if this fails? Which is perfectly understandable. And, you know, again, I'm pretty sure I was the same way before I got started. I was pretty much the same.

And, you know, there's this curse of knowledge. When you've done stuff for so long that you don't necessarily remember how it was when you were getting started. So I do recognize that. But it's still a little bit frustrating for me, clearing some of the objections and stuff that that I get.

Not looking at the bright side of what if it works, you know, instead of saying, oh, here's the reason why it will fail, it's basically finding reasons or not reasons, but more excuses to justify the fact that you shouldn't go because it will fail.

OK, so I want to remind you of something. Please just remember this and write it down. The person who fails the most will win in the end.

The person who failed the most. What does it mean to you? So someone failed the most, which means that they failed multiple times. So it's not like they failed like a resounding failure once and then, you know, that's it. Then we're gone.

What Failure REALLY means

No, they failed the most. What does that even mean? All right, so some people may be actually focused on, oh, they kept failing or they failed and they failed again, they are failures because they failed a few times.

But this is not what I see. What I see is if you fail more than your neighbour, it means that you kept showing up. This is what it means. You kept showing up despite the failures.

You were persistent. Generally speaking, the fact that someone failed more than you, what you need to understand is, instead of looking at the negative aspect of, oh, man, they failed. They kept showing up. Right. So they failed. They get back up.

OK, and this is one of the reasons why in the end they will win because they built that resilience that will allow them to prevail. One thing's for sure that if you keep showing up when you fail, well, at some point you are going to get there. Your chances of getting there and finding what works will increase dramatically.

OK, so what are you actually doing when you fail? Why is someone who fails the most going to get an edge over you?

When you're learning something, you're learning how to build those reflexes. You can function as a robot. And when some situation arises, then you already have those reflexes. They're going to help you. OK, so what is it that people are building when they're failing? What kind of reflexes they're building?

So they're building reflexes that will allow them to identify good from bad. You're basically eliminating stuff that doesn't work and you can recognize them in the future. This is very important. It's not just like eliminating something that doesn't work, but it is eliminating it and being able to spot it afterwards in the future.

And this is why I think that people who are quote unquote fail, you shouldn't look at it as a failure. You should applaud their resilience because someone who failed multiple times, it means that the person showed up.

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