FBC – 464 – Go small or go home

Go small or go home.

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Do you know the expression go big or go home? This is usually the advice that people would give you to reach success.

But what if… Instead of going big, you went small?

What would happen? your first assumption might be that it would lead to failure right?

Well you might be very surprised.

check out this mind-blowing video to understand the full power of going small instead of big: https://youtu.be/y97rBdSYbkg

What happens after step 29 will blow your mind…

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
-Jim Rohn

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FBC - 464 - Go small or go home 10

So we've seen recently with the to do list that the way people do their to do list without any priority or dependency and stuff is actually setting them up sometimes for failure because they're focusing on the wrong thing.

So all these things that we've discussed in recent podcasts and we're going to use them.

OK, so what you want to do is go as small as possible. OK, so. In order to achieve big things, you need to go small, which basically says like the 80 20 rule.

And so you need to apply the 80 20 rule. So you need to find those 20 percent that make 80 percent of your results and stuff. But that's the first level. So what you can do afterwards is you can decide to go even smaller. So in those 20 percent, what is the 20 percent OK?

So then you focus on that and you could even go a step further and try to identify the 20 percent of that, 20 percent of the 20 percent. So basically, you want to go as small as you can and then you want to be able to focus on it.

OK, so in this book that I was I was listening to, the guy was saying something very interesting about Dominos. So you all know Dominos. The domino chain. And it goes on forever and stuff.

Go small or go home

OK, so. So why am I saying this? It's because even if you go small, you know, you might think like a small task and stuff, what would it do? Well it's like dominoes, because this task will trigger another task. They'll trigger another task. And then next thing you know, this will start a whole chain of events that can lead to something major, something big.

So, you know, going small and focusing on the small task doesn't mean that you'll achieve small things. It will actually help you achieve really, really great things because it is a chain reaction.

So if you focus on this twenty percent of the 20 percent of the 20 percent, the next thing you know, it is going to work. OK, so that basically tells you that this is how success works, OK, because people think that success is something immediate and you can fake success, you can be an overnight success and stuff like that, but not really, to be honest.

It's just like this sequence of dominoes where there is a whole lot of preparation and a small action will trigger another one and another one, another one until you do have success.

OK, so if you acquire a new skill, there was a process that allowed you to acquire the skill because in order to acquire the skill you needed some sort of discipline to get there, OK, so you need to create a new habit and stick to it and all that kind of stuff. And maybe you find some learning mechanisms that allow you to master it faster.

OK, so what does that mean? It means that next time you want to learn another skill, then what you've already learned and what you already applied here to get skill number one will help you get skill number two very, very quickly.

And in addition, you also have the momentum of your accomplishments, right? You're like, dude, I was able to get this done. Let me get that one done. And then it just becomes routine.

And then if you've mastered, like, four or five skills, then obviously you're going to get a six one and that six one is going to be a lot faster, because by mastering all these skills, you know, a lot of these skills are connected in the sense that, well, they will still obey the same kind of principle of how to learn them.

OK, and it's like this with success. It’s a series of dominos that will fall.

And each domino, because you have acquired the momentum, you have acquired the knowledge and you gather the experience, then you're able to knock off bigger dominoes than before you started with a small one.

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