FBC – 504 – Beginners- Want to work less and get better results? Then do this

Beginners- Want to work less and get better results? Then do this.

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Are you just starting out and need a solution to get better results while working less?

Most of the beginners I speak to have the same problem: They work UNNECESSARILY on one aspect of their business that's killing them…

As a result, they end up throwing the towel and stop doing it all together.

If you are a beginner and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of content and other things you have to do, then this episode will be a blessing.

Make sure to check it out and more importatntly TAKE ACTION

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“In the end, a vision without the ability to execute it is probably a hallucination.”
– Steve Case, co-founder AOL

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Martin Ebongue

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Welcome to the Freedom By Choice Podcast with your one and only hoste Martin. This podcast is reserved for freedom aficionados and entrepreneurs looking to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

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You might have heard this somewhere or there is this myth of, oh, he posted something on his Facebook page and then he posted the same thing on his Instagram page. Oh, this is so bad. Why did he do this? You cannot use the same content on two platforms. You need to make two different videos. All right.

So is this something that you actually had, like in your mind? Oh, I need to do a video specifically for Instagram and Facebook, one for Snapchat. One for this. One for that. Right.

So you might have this and I don't know who came up with this. I mean, yeah, it does make sense to a certain extent because these platforms are different and people go to these platforms for different reasons.

But here's the thing. Perfection is the enemy of execution. I see so many people saying, no, I'm not going to post anything because I already posted that there and blah, blah, blah.

But for whatever reason, when it's time for you to post stuff, then you just assume that everybody would be like, oh, wait, I've seen that somewhere. And then people will take five hours to find a post on some other social network. Ha, I knew it. They just reused the same content.

Nobody does this. Nobody freaking cares. OK, here's the thing. Nobody cares, because if you think that this is the case, this is what's happening, you're spending a lot more time creating different videos and content and nobody cares.

Beginners- Want to work less and get better results? Then do this

You have so many people in your Instagram feed, Facebook feed, blah, blah, blah, etc..

If I see something that I already saw on Instagram, I saw it on Facebook, it will give me more reasons to actually go and check it out, because I'm already familiar with it.

People usually have a platform that they like more than others. And they will go and check out one in particular. Nobody is going to send you an email or send you a cop thing where you post the same thing on YouTube, on Instagram.

And it could be that Bob, for example, Bob, he follows you on Instagram. He is not so much of a Twitter guy or a YouTube guy. He just likes Instagram. So if you didn't post that on Instagram, then you would have missed out on Bob. But Susan, she likes YouTube. She likes to go there and blah, blah. So you'll get Susan on YouTube.

So only good things can come out of it. It basically helps you be a little bit more omnipresent because people are different. Some people are more on Facebook, some people are more Instagram, and some people are more on Snapchat and all that kind of stuff.

And if you are on all those platforms, then you will be able to get those people where they are. They don't have to change their habits and come to that one platform where you're posting.

And so what does that mean? So well, it means for you its less freaking work. OK, you do the video once or the content of something and then you can post it on different channels.

OK, obviously, you can make slight modifications, maybe the format, the size, etc, but that’s it.

Beginners- Want to work less and get better results? Then do this

So when you're just getting started, you don't necessarily have the systems. OK, once you found the systems, the blueprints, the processes that allow you to execute very fast, very easily and flawlessly, at that point, because you were able to systemize everything so that you make time, then at that point you can start looking at, OK, let me try to do something different here, something different there and stuff.

Then you can roll content out right across the board and save yourself so much time and effort. So in the beginning, what I will suggest is just reuse the same thing. You want to be Omni present.

You want people to kind of be like, wait, I already saw that person on Instagram. Oh, they're pretty famous. They're on YouTube as well. Oh, yeah, they're on Snapchat. And people will start taking interest in who you are because you're omnipresent.

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