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Grow Your Email List & Income On Autopilot

List Builder Boss helps entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, founders and CEOs, grow their email list on autopilot without ever creating a single funnel or run a single ad. This is the Ultimate Passive Income Hack!

This course covers how to:

  • Get hundreds of emails per day for FREE
  • What types of offers to send to those emails
  • What EXACTLY to say in those sales emails
  • One hack to send emails for FREE
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Top Industry Entrepreneurs & 1,000+ Founders & CEOs Have Scale Their Business On Autopilot Without Paying Ads With This Proven System.


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Exceptional course. This program has transformed how I engage with clients, allowing me to work less, save time, and unlock opportunities I wish I had known sooner.


This course has transformed my business. In just 2 weeks, I achieved more growth and gained new clients than I did in 2 years. Don't hesitate, take action and reclaim your time!


Best investment ever! This course delivers exceptional content. I gained valuable insights on time management, and efficiency. The 80/20% rule is pure brilliance. Worth every penny!


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Absolutely exceptional! This course delivers actionable insights without any fluff. The step-by-step approach ensures immediate implementation. Worth every penny and more!


Mind blown by the quality of this course. It provides invaluable insights and practical tools to optimize business operations. Highly recommended for CEOs looking to reclaim their time and achieve exceptional results.


Wow! I'm blown away by this course. Packed with valuable insights and actionable strategies. Worth every penny. The instructor's generosity in sharing his discoveries is remarkable. It took me a couple of rounds to fully grasp the concepts, but now I'm implementing the recommendations and transforming my business. A journey worth taking!


On my first day implementing what I learned, I already got rid of 3 time consuming tasks. My engagement has skyrocketed, and it's just the beginning. This course is a game-changer.


This is hands-down the highest ROI investment I've made for my business all year. It highlighted major gaps in my operations, saving me time and allowing me to work less while achieving remarkable growth. Easily one of the best courses I've ever taken!


Hi, I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this course! It's packed with valuable and practical information. I'm already working less, saving time, and seeing tangible results. Martin's expertise is remarkable!


I absolutely loved this course! As a CEO, it ignited my passion for entrepreneurship and connecting with like-minded individuals. It gave me the motivation and inspiration to take action, streamline my business, and reclaim my time. Thank you, Martin, for empowering me to get started on my journey!


This course has transformed my business. With Martin's expert guidance, I streamlined operations and saved countless hours. My workload shrunk, and it only took an afternoon to complete. The concise and practical approach made all the difference. Highly recommended!


This course is a game-changer for CEOs. At 44% completion, I've already gained 440% value. Martin's insights on systems and processes transformed my business. More engagement, more clients, and continuous improvement. A decision you won't regret. Thank you, Martin, for your No-BS approach!


This course surpassed all my expectations. After years of trial and error, corporate training, and working long hours, I finally found the missing pieces. The learnings are priceless, and I can't wait to implement them immediately. Thank you, Martin, for this invaluable training.


This course is a game-changer! I'm devouring the content and capturing every nugget of gold. Martin's advice is pure brilliance. The simplicity and clarity make it a breeze to implement. I've witnessed the results firsthand, and I can't wait to experience the same success.


Martin's course is a game-changer! I regret not taking it sooner. It's packed with immense value, surpassing mere to-do list optimization. From business workflows to business strategy and outsourcing, it's a time-generating powerhouse. Shoutout to Martin for elevating my selling game and online presence!


The best investment I have made for my business. Martin gets straight to the point, providing actionable advice that I implemented right away. No vague strategies, just a clear step-by-step roadmap to success. Highly recommended!

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Watch me find 100's of emails FOR FREE, in just a few clicks, in a matter of seconds, using the combined powers of growth hacking and automation. Use List Builder Boss to skyrocket your lead generation profits, save time & work less.

Even More Founders & CEOs' Testimonials


These are perfect. They're so professional looking, and super easy to edit. Martin was kindly willing to help me out with my specific needs—so it’s comforting to know you have support as you update the templates.


I'm only halfway through Martin's CEO Mastery course, but this is blowing my mind!!! As a leadership coach and business consultant, I've struggled with overwhelming operational involvement. Martin's course provides a step-by-step process to work less, save time, and bring high-quality content to more people. Thanks, Martin!


I've gone back and watched Martin's CEO Mastery course over a dozen times. This information is incredibly valuable to anyone trying to streamline their business operations. Can't recommend it enough!


Wow, Martin, this is one of the top programs I've ever participated in. Your course provides a simple yet effective method for CEOs like me to succeed. The wealth of information you share at such a reasonable cost is impressive. You've gained a loyal follower. Thank you!


I can't believe I let your course sit untouched for months. What a missed opportunity! The business structure lessons are brilliant, providing a clear roadmap for improving my business. I'm excited to implement these lessons and highly recommend this program to any content creator.


The best business transformation training! I've taken several courses before, but they lacked real-world experience. Martin's program is different. He shares his proven strategies for structuring and automating a business, helping CEOs reclaim their time and achieve incredible results. Worth every penny and more! Buy it now!


I've been following Martin's content for a year now. I regret not purchasing his course earlier. It's worth way more than the price. The lessons are concise yet insightful, providing numerous "Ah Ha" moments. The resources alone are invaluable. Can't wait for his next course!


I've completed over 200 video courses, but Martin's Virtual CEO System already surpasses them all. It provides practical content and application. Unlike other courses, Martin guides you through the resources, ensuring you know how to use them effectively. It feels like having a personal coach throughout the entire journey. Excited to continue the course!


This is by far the best investment I've made. The actionable advice and Martin's swipe file were game-changers. If you're a CEO looking to scale your business and regain control of your time, this course is a must-try.


Martin's course "Virtual CEO System" is phenomenal. He simplifies building an efficient business, helping CEOs save time and work less. Incredible value for a modest price.


Punchline: Stop guessing and start achieving results! I knew I needed to improve my online presence, but I lacked structure and confidence. Martin's course provided me with the framework and strategies to free up time in my business so hat I can focus on creating content. I'm already motivated by the transformation and progress!


I'm amazed by the valuable and actionable insights. Whether you're just starting or already on your CEO journey, invest in this course. Thank you, Martin.


Wow! Martin's course is not only brilliant but also a masterclass in packaging and delivery. His teaching style is humble, authoritative, and concise, providing clear actions. This course is one of the best investments I've made to work less and achieve tangible results.


This course revolutionized my business structure. I'm now delegating effectively, automating tasks, and working less. Thanks to Martin's proprietary matrix, I have more time and focus on revenue-generating tasks. Highly recommend this transformational program.


Get your life back! This course empowers CEOs to save valuable time and focus on the strategy rather than on the operations. Whatever your business is, the principles remain powerful and adaptable. Highly recommended!


This course is a game-changer! It's action-packed, concise, and laser-focused. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to maximum execution - without your intervention. 100% recommended.


This course is a game-changer! After every module, I'd say "Wow, that was mind-blowing." If you're serious about scaling your business and regaining control, this course is a must-have. Highly recommended.


I have been actively following Martin's expertise for about a year now, and I finally decided to take his course (wish I took it sooner!). As a founder launching my service-based business, I knew Martin could help me restructure and automate. The course is quick, straightforward, and full of "aha" moments. Highly recommend it.


Martin and the Virtual CEO System is a masterpiece. He cuts through the fluff and delivers actionable steps to streamline your business. This course provides a clear roadmap to achieve success and freedom in your business. A game-changer without the hefty price tag. No regrets here.


Without a doubt, Martin's course is a game-changer for CEOs. It equips you to build a powerful automated machine, attract clients, and optimize your business. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to streamlined success. Worth every penny and more.

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What's Inside?

01 - Getting Started

How To Install & Use

  • Learn how to add list builder boss in a few clicks
  • Understand how to use it for maximum results
🔓 Unlock Your Lifetime Access For $297
How to install list builder boss and skyrocket your lead generation efforts using growth hacking and automation. save time, work less and earn more thanks to time management hacks
Learn the latest and best growth hacking tactics to increase your profits on autopilot. Save time, work less, work smarter and grow your business. This is the ultimate time management helper

02 - Proven Strategies

Money Making Hacks

Re-think how Lead Generation is done

  • Learn 3 winning strategies to reach $10k/Month...
  • Create Automated workflows that deliver results

03 - Email Marketing

How To Send Emails For FREE

Learn my dirty little secret to send AUTOMATED emails out WITHOUT needing an autoresponder

  • Learn where to send emails from fast & easy
  • Learn how to do it 100% FREE with insane results...
Growth hacking pro tip that nobody knows about. how to automate your email marketing without hefty autoresponder fees. it saves you time, saves you money and helps you manage your time like a boss

04 - Automation Hacks

Replace Yourself With Bots

Learn how to use simple automations to do the heavy lifting for you... Work less, save time, make more.

  • Use automation to run your business 24/7 without your operational involvement...
  • Learn about the growth hacking strategies to  make yourself redundant from your own business...


"I wish I had known this when I was initially launching my business. If I had to start from scratch and build a business today, Martin would be the first person I would seek advice from.."


Unlock The Software Instantly


  • 1 Premium Software
  • 4 Actionable Modules
  • Detailed Case Studies
  • All Templates Done For You
  • Tools & Resources For Founders
🔓 Unlock Lifetime Access For $297

The Full Curriculum


Part 1: Install & Basics

  • How to install List Builder Boss
  • How to use List Builder Boss

Part 2: Money Making Strategies

  • The $10K/Mo Action Plan
  • The $10K/Mo Accelerators
  • The $10K/Mo Profit maximizers

Part 3: Email Marketing Hacks

  • Where to send emails from
  • What to say in your email marketing campaigns
  • How to send emails for free
  • Secret app to automate email marketing
  • Secret features to increase email deliverability

Part 4: Make Money Without Lifting A Finger

  • Action plan for beginners
  • Advanced action plan for experts
  • Passive income opportunity with automation

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically designed for Founders & CEOs who seek more time in their lives, aim to work less, strive for smarter work routines, and wish to reduce their operational involvement in their businesses.

If you initiated a business with the intent of enjoying more freedom, yet somehow found yourself working more than when you were an employee, and are unsure about how to break this cycle, then this course is perfect for you.

Why should you listen to me anyway?

My name is Martin Ebongué and I have been in the business since 2005, aiding Founders and CEOs in optimizing their businesses. I have collaborated with 7 Fortune 500 companies and assisted over a thousand Founders and CEOs in halving their workload in under six months.

Additionally, I have successfully established several automated businesses that run entirely without my involvement, by applying the very principles I elucidate in this blueprint. To cut a long story short, you don't necessarily have to take my word for it; I practice what I preach, and my success is well documented online.

What will I learn in this course?

In this course, you will learn my proven system to scale businesses without paying a single dime on ads. Using the power of growth hacking, I am able to earn mor emoney than better funded, more staffed and more famous businesses. All this on complete autopilot

The blueprint I offer allows entrepreneurs and soloproneurs with a tiny budget to make profits from day 1 without having to raise money or break the bank. In turn they have more time, freedom, and flexibility both within their business and their personal lives.

This software must be very expensive?

Actually, no. It's priced at a mere $297. It's the best investment I have made in my professional career, and I can assure you, it will be the same for you.

Why aren't you charging more for this course & Software?

The reason is twofold: Firstly, I currently have over 30 income streams. Although it may be hard to believe, a simple online search will verify this fact.

Secondly, as a fellow business owner, I understand the struggles that many entrepreneurs face, and I noticed a lack of effective solutions available to address these issues.

Therefore, I decided to create this software and the attached course, and price it affordably...
Provided, of course, that you are open-minded and motivated enough to invest in what could be the most positive change in your life.

How long will it take me to get results?

Here's what I can GUARANTEE you - and this is not an overstatement. If you apply what I teach in this course, YOU WILL SAVE A LOT OF TIME & MONEY. That's a promise.

Everyone who used the software and the action plan SAW RESULTS. Some observed improvements in as little as 2 days, while others noticed changes in 14 days due to a slightly slower implementation of the strategy.

So, the duration it takes to see results truly depends on your level of motivation and diligence.

However, one thing is certain: it is IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO SEE RESULTS!

Do I get lifetime access to the Software & course?

Yes, absolutely. You receive lifetime access to both the software & the course and all subsequent updates. As I uncover more efficient ways to run a business, I will continually update the course.

Unlock The Growth Hacking Software To Scale Today