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This Tool is absolutely awesome.

It's MindMeister, I use this for every single project that I do. It gives me so much clarity and makes things so much better for me. Everything works. Since I've been using this. I mean my efficiency has doubled. It's absolutely crazy.

There are a bunch of mind mapping tools but this is the one I use. Again I can only tell you about what I use.

I'm working on on a website at the moment and originally sent an email to my designer telling what I needed in a video.

But when watching a video he needs an hour then forgets what goes where.

The mind map is so much better. When I sent him a Mindmeister map he was thankful because it made his life a lot easier.

So let's say for example we want to start a new project and we're going to start a new mind map. We are just going to do something super simple.

So we're going to call it “build a house”.

When you press tab it opens and the first thing we want is “the walls”.

Then we want the garden and then what do we want?

We want the pool.

For the walls we have to call the wall guy, then buy bricks, buy paint.

For the garden we need to mow the lawn. You know stuff like that.

Mindmeister Makes everything so clear and easy to do.

If you have a project you can have the biggest milestones of the project as main arms of the tree, and then you break it down into smaller milestones.

I use MindMeister for every single project and makes it so much more efficient.

You also have the ability to add pictures to your mind maps on paid version and I really suggest you get the paid version.

There is a free version available.

It's absolutely fine you and can work with that. But if you want to be able to add some images you will need the paid version.

You can add links in the free version though.

How much does it cost?

In the free version you can have 3 mind maps at a time, which is limiting. However, if you only have like one or two products it's fine.

So until you have more 3 projects to work on, you can just work with the basic one, it's free.

You can decide if you like it then afterwards.

I personally pay $5 a month and get a lot more benefits:

  • I can export everything into a PDF.
  • If I need to give that to a developer, I can print it and or add the files as attachments (options not available in the free version).

I use MindMeister for projects such as:

  • Podcasts
  • My branding.
  • My Instagram
  • My business models

It's so powerful that it's well worth the five bucks or something that I pay every month.

All my projects are lightning quick, it's super clear and super-efficient.

So you'll go ahead and look at it. It's very easy to use.

There is a free version you can start with that.

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