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Behind every successful business lies an entrepreneur's tale of courage, conviction, perseverence, grit and challenges.

Through these interviews, you will learn everything about my journey. How I got started, what struggles I had to overcome, how I failed miserably and how I eventually found success.

These interviews with other entrepreneurs will also give you everything you need to know about the mindset it takes to succeed as well as all the cool hacks and tricks I learned along the way.

I am still on the journey to create a positive legacy and positive change in the world and to be honest: I'm still trying to figure this thing out just like you.


How To Build A Life You Don't Need To Escape From

@Speakup Monday

Tools Don't Matter. What Matters Is The Strategy


Living Life With Choice and Freedom.. From a Rebel to a Game Changer


Why Money Alone is Not What You Should be After

@ConfesionsOfABusiness Owner

I Planned To Go To Bali For 4 Weeks But Stayed For 5 Years

@Muslim Tours

Martin Ebongue on Building a Team

@Mads Singers

The Art of Creating A Lifestyle Business That Runs Without You

@Freedom Summit Global

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Freedom To Create The Life You Want


Affilate Marketing Master Martin Ebongue Shares More Of His Success Secrets


Business Automation Expert Reveals How to Build An Income Producing Business With Very Little Time Involvement


You Don't Have To Be The Expert


Perfectionism is Keeping You Broke and How to Fix It


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