DOVC – #007 – Why Influencer Affiliate Marketing Generate Sales on Autopilot

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Why Influencer Affiliate Marketing Generate Sales on Autopilot

As a business owner, getting others to promote and sell your offers for you is the ultimate dream. What if you could recruit an army of influencers to sell your products to their engaged followers – all on complete autopilot? 

In this article, I'll reveal how I built an influencer affiliate marketing platform to identify and recruit targeted influencers between 20K and 80K followers.

I'll show you how it lets me easily propose an affiliate partnership, get them to promote my offers, and earn commission from their sales.


Here's what I'll cover:

– The problem with using one mega influencer vs. many micro-influencers

– My goal is to build an influencer affiliate marketing army to sell my offers automatically  

– How I filter for niche, engagement, and email to find ideal partners

– Moving recruits from Instagram to my email list for direct outreach 

– The affiliate model that lets me profit without any upfront spend

– How this army drives sales and recurring revenue for me on autopilot

– Why tapping micro influencers yields such high conversion rates 

– How you can recruit your own influencer army to boost sales


The Problem With Using One Mega Influencer 

As a business owner, you’ve likely considered using influencers to promote your products. 

But most look to lock in one celebrity influencer with millions of followers.

The problem is these social media mega stars act like divas. 

You have to pay astronomical sums upfront, often $50K+, for a single promotional post.

And the returns rarely justify the inflated costs.

I knew there had to be a better way to leverage influencers, without handing over a fortune or relying on a single person. 

That’s when I had my lightbulb moment…

What if I recruited an army of micro-influencers in the 20-80K follower range instead? 

This untapped group is eager for sponsorship opportunities yet totally affordable. 

And combined, their audiences can equal that of a single mega influencer.

This was the genesis of my platform to build an influencer army that drives sales on autopilot.

Let me explain how it works…


Building an Influencer Army to Promote Offers Automatically

My goal was simple: Identify and recruit hundreds of micro-influencers to promote my products to their engaged followers.

And do this automatically without manual outreach or negotiation.

I started by building filters to identify the ideal influencers on Instagram in my niche:

– Followers between 20K and 80K 

– Keyword match for relevance 

– Post frequency of 5x per week for engagement

– Email contact in bio to enable direct outreach


This generated targeted lists of highly qualified candidates interested in sponsorship opportunities.

I then built automation to export these influencers from Instagram to my direct email lists. 

This let me bypass Instagram's messaging restrictions.

From here, emails went out automatically pitching my affiliate program. 

I offered a 50% commission on any sales their posts drove, with no upfront fees.

The deal was immensely appealing compared to the peanuts they were currently earning from their follower base.

And it poached them from promoting competitor offers.

My platform gave me an ever-growing army of influencers posting about my products and earning me commission in the process.

All without me lifting a finger!


How The Influencer Affiliate Marketing Model Maximizes My Profits

But why an influencer affiliate marketing model instead of just paying for sponsored posts?

Two key reasons:

  1. It’s risk-free. I only pay partners who drive verified sales, not for the post itself.
  2. I keep 50% of every sale. So, I maximize revenue from each new customer.


This structure incentivizes influencers to make their posts convert as it earns them more commission. 

And they become evangelists for my brand since their income depends on its success.

In contrast, a one-off sponsored post carries huge risk for potentially minimal returns.

Almost half the time, the “mega” influencer fails to deliver results.

But with an army of micro-influencers combined, I achieve strong consistent conversion rates.

Which adds up to phenomenal recurring revenue.


How Tapping Micro Influencers Yielded 7X Higher Conversions 

Last year, my influencer affiliate marketing platform generated:

– $312,000 in sales from the influencer army 

– $156,000 in commission payments to influencer partners

– $156,000 in net revenue into my pocket 


The conversion rates for micro-influencers consistently hit 6-8% sales per post. 

In comparison, previous celeb influencers I paid upfront averaged lackluster 1-2% conversion rates. 

Despite having follower counts in the multiple millions.

Micro-influencers drive better engagement and sales because they maintain intimacy with their niche audiences. 

Their followers are highly targeted and responsive, yielding amazing conversion rates on my offers.


Are You Ready to Build Your Own Influencer Army?

I can’t imagine growing my business now without my micro influencer army promoting my offers and driving sales.

But I limit access to this platform to a select group of new partners each year. 

If you want to shortcut manual outreach and build an influencer army that promotes your products automatically, click on the step-by-step video on this post.

Just let me know if you have any other questions! I look forward to exploring how we can partner.


Key Takeaways:

  • Micro-influencers are more affordable and effective than celebrity influencers 
  • My platform identifies and recruits ideal micro-influencers automatically
  • The revenue-sharing affiliate model maximizes profits on conversions
  • I earn commission on sales generated by my influencer army’s posts
  • Micro-influencers yield 7X higher conversion rates than mega influencers
  • Let technology recruit influencers so you can focus on high-level strategy


If you want to accelerate your sales growth, stop chasing mega influencers. 

Instead, leverage micro-influencers with better engagement at a fraction of the cost. 

My platform makes it easy to build your own lucrative influencer army fast. Let's connect!


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