DOVC – #023 – How to Target Untapped Markets for Dirt Cheap, Competition-Free Advertising

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How to Target Untapped Markets for Dirt Cheap, Competition-Free Advertising

Running profitable advertising campaigns feels nearly impossible these days on crowded platforms like Facebook and Google. 

Costs per click can quickly skyrocket as advertisers aggressively bid up popular keywords.

I knew there had to be overlooked niche markets where I could run highly targeted ads without competing against hordes of other advertisers. 

I just needed to uncover them.

That's why I built a custom automation tool to systematically identify untouched market opportunities around the world, allowing me to launch laser-focused ad campaigns optimized for absurdly low costs and sky-high returns.

In this article, I'll explain step-by-step:

  • How my tool pinpoints niche keywords and geos with literally zero competition
  • The process I use to set up and test campaigns in these overlooked markets
  • How I'm able to make even low ticket affiliate offers extremely profitable
  • Why this concept works equally well for promoting your own products vs just affiliate items
  • How you can leverage automation to escape crowded ad platforms and dominate fresh niches

Let's dive in and conquer some unclaimed territory together!

The Struggle of Competing in Crowded Ad Markets

First, let's discuss the core problem…

Running profitable competition-free advertising campaigns in 2022 feels virtually impossible, especially on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube etc.

The issue is intense competition. 

With so many advertisers bidding, popular keywords soon become too expensive to sustain.

I constantly found myself outbid on keywords and forced to raise bids just to maintain exposure.

But squeezing tiny margins in hyper-competitive auctions was a fool's game.

There had to be a better way – untouched niche markets where I could launch first-mover ad campaigns without battling hordes of competitors. 

I just needed to uncover them.

Building a Tool to Uncover “Greenfield” Opportunities

Necessity breeds invention. 

And the only path I saw around crowded ad markets was building automation to do what couldn't scale manually – identifying fresh niches.

So I set out to create a custom tool optimized for:

  • Pinpointing niche yet commercially viable keywords overlooked by the masses
  • Discovering specific geos and locations with no current advertisers bidding
  • Providing curated lists of the most compelling opportunities to target

Here's an overview of how my competition-free advertising automation platform works its magic:

  • Uses proxies to simulate searches from different countries and even cities
  • Scans results on platforms like Google to identify niche keywords with literally zero advertisers
  • Repeats this process across countless geos to map “greenfield” opportunities globally
  • Flags the most viable keywords and geos to target new campaigns in

Now I had a way to programmatically uncover the most promising unclaimed territories to profitably plant my flag.

Setting Up Laser-Focused Competition-Free Advertising in Untapped Markets

Armed with ideal overlooked keywords and geos from my automation tool, I could set up niche campaigns quickly knowing I'd face no competition.

The basic process was:

  1. Identify relevant affiliate offers or products allowing ads with strong commissions or profit margins
  2. Research related keywords with high buyer intent like “software pricing” in my market
  3. Use my tool to analyze niche variations and geos with absolutely no other advertisers bidding
  4. Launch small test campaigns tightly focused on those overlooked niches
  5. Analyze response and rapidly scale up top-performing keywords and geos

My competition-free advertising automation allowed me to filter options down to tiny sweet spots where I could gain first-mover status and own the market.

Making Even Low Ticket Offers Extremely Profitable

Leveraging this approach, I was able to make even promotional affiliate products with low ticket commissions extremely profitable.

Here's a simplified example…

By targeting geographic niches where clicks costs are mere pennies, just 5-10 cents in some cases, the ROI math for a $500 commission offer becomes insane:

I only need 1 sale for every 100 clicks to turn a profit. 

Since conversions shoot up without competitors, my margins widen even further. 

Rinse and repeat this formula.

Now I can scale up niche winners and extract consistent profits from overlooked corners of the market.

Adapting the Concept Beyond Just Affiliate Products

Initially, I designed this competition-free advertising automation process focused on affiliate marketing, providing helpful constraints.

But once proven, I realized the identical approach could promote my own products and offers as well. 

The concept remains the same:

  • Uncover niche keywords and geos where I can be the first advertiser on a topic
  • Develop laser-focused campaigns dialed into those greenfield opportunities
  • Launch small tests to validate demand, then scale winners

The tool does the heavy lifting of identifying overlooked niches. 

I simply have to execute basic digital marketing disciplines, keeping costs ultra low. 

Now, I can consistently extract profits from fresh niches as competition inevitably enters previously untapped markets.

Rinse and repeat.

Escape Crowded Ad Platforms by Targeting Overlooked Markets

By methodically seeking out and dominating fresh niches using automation, you can escape the crowded mainstream ad markets and achieve consistent profits with minimal competition.

The days of profitable “spray and pray” advertising are over. 

But by taking a focused, strategic approach, an entire world of untapped opportunities awaits.

Let me know if you have any other questions on leveraging automation to target overlooked market niches! 

I'm happy to help fellow digital marketers and advertisers carve out their own turf.

Key Takeaways: Competition-Free Advertising

  • Mainstream ad markets are crowded, making profitable campaigns difficult
  • I created an automation tool to identify niche keywords and geos with literally zero competition
  • Targeting overlooked markets allows running profitable ads for pennies
  • This approach works for both affiliate offers and your own products
  • Escape frantic mainstream markets. Target untapped niches instead.

Ready to stake your claim in wide open markets? 

You can easily identify and dominate fresh niches with the right automation for massive ROI.

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