DOVC – #032 – How to Leverage the Power of Smiling into a Million-Dollar Asset for Success

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How to Leverage the Power of Smiling into a Million-Dollar Asset for Success

Ever notice how the most successful people always have a constant smile, even during challenges? 

What if their success didn't come from the smile, but the smile enabled their success in the first place?

In this article, I'll explain why smiling can transform your results in business and life, drawing on new research. 

Then I'll share 3 tips to leverage your smile as a “million-dollar asset” to resolve conflicts, build rapport, and boost achievements.

Here's what I'll cover:

  • Why the most successful people use smiling to their advantage
  • How smiling can disarm and resolve tense situations
  • Ways a smile elicits goodwill and boosts likability
  • Actionable tips to leverage your smile in business dealings
  • How smiling enabled me to save a key client relationship
  • Why smiling boosts your confidence during stressful moments
  • How to turn your smile into a “million dollar asset”

The Hidden Power of Smiling

During a challenging day, I overheard an interesting audiobook insight. 

The author explained how constantly smiling people like Richard Branson utilize smiles to achieve success versus merely smiling because of success.

This resonated because it's true – the most successful people in business flash million-dollar grins constantly.

What if their smile enabled success in the first place?

Studies show smiling releases neuropeptides that boost mood in yourself and others.

It literally makes people perceive you as more likable, competent, and trustworthy. 

This facilitates building relationships that foster business success.

Your smile is thus a potential “million-dollar asset.” 

Learn to use it strategically and it can open doors wider than any business credentials.


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3 Tips to Leverage Your Smile for Success

Here are 3 research-backed tips to wield your smile for positive outcomes:

  1. Disarm and resolve conflicts by smiling first. This lowers tensions, enabling compromise.
  2. Initiate new contacts with a warm, authentic smile to build rapport fast. First impressions matter.
  3. Smile during presentations or tense moments to appear confident and composed. It helps your own mindset too.

Master smiling sincerely even when challenged or upset. 

The chemistry shift it creates can turn adversaries into allies.

An Example From My Own Experience

I once faced an angry client ready to walk. 

Instead of reacting defensively, I smiled warmly and validated their concerns. 

I informed them of goodwill efforts made behind the scenes.

This shifted the tone completely. 

We concluded with handshakes and smiles all around. 

That relationship still thrives years later.

My smile flipped the script from confrontation to compassion. 

And it can work for you too with practice.


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Smiling – The Ultimate Confidence Booster

Smiling when uneasy also builds your own confidence and poise. 

When you feel anxious, your mind subconsciously reasons that you must not be in trouble if you're smiling.

This instills calm and self-assurance. 

The feedback cycle results in authentic smiles that gain trust and influence.

So don't save your smile just for happy moments. 

Deploy it strategically to navigate conflict, exude confidence, and build bonds that pave the way for success.

Turning Frowns Upside Down

Another relevant point on the power of smiling is that it tends to be contagious. 

We instinctively mirror the expressions of those around us.

So by flashing an authentic smile, you can literally turn frowns upside down. 

Those you interact with will catch your optimistic mood, creating a positivity ripple effect.

This not only makes social and business engagements more pleasant and productive, but it also boosts your own mood thanks to brain chemistry changes smile mirroring creates.

The Takeaway? Smile First, Smile Most

I hope this sheds light on why the most successful people flash smiles constantly. 

They do it for results, not just as a result.

Weaponize your smile respectfully but confidently and it can transform your business and life.

From resolving conflicts to winning deals, a simple smile goes a long way.

Let me know if you have any other questions on tapping the power of strategic smiling!

Key Takeaways: Power of Smiling 

  • Successful people use constant smiling to achieve results
  • Smiling disarms conflicts and builds relationships
  • Flashing a smile first establishes rapport fast
  • Smile during challenges to boost inner confidence
  • I saved a key client by meeting anger with a warm smile
  • Smiling is contagious and can lift the mood of those around you
  • Smile sincerely even when uneasy to project confidence
  • Practice smiling strategically to open doors and opportunities

Ready to turn your smile into a million-dollar asset? 

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