DOVC – #036 – How to Exploit Facebook’s New Ad Transparency to Crush Your Competitors

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How to Exploit Facebook’s New Ad Transparency to Crush Your Competitors

Facebook recently rolled out a new “Ads Info” feature granting unprecedented visibility into competitors’ ads. 

Is this a game-changing opportunity to swipe proven creatives? 

Or a recipe for disaster?

In this issue, I’ll reveal how to harness these transparency tools responsibly to analyze rivals and accelerate growth. 

Without succumbing to unethical over-reliance.

You’ll discover:

  • The exciting potential of seeing competitors’ ads
  • Why blindly copying creatives is an awful idea
  • How to study trends without stealing IP
  • When splicing a competitor’s approach makes sense
  • How to build on others’ success ethically
  • Why creating your own content is still vital
  • How winners play the long-term testing game

This insider perspective will help you capitalize on new transparency without compromising your principles or progress. 

Let's dig in…

The Temptation of Transparency

Facebook recently launched “Ads Info” allowing anyone to view ads running on public business pages. 

At first glance, this unprecedented visibility seems like a jackpot to swipe proven creatives.

But such blatant plagiarism is unwise for multiple reasons.

Instead, approach these transparency tools responsibly to accelerate growth without destroying your reputation.

My friend Nathan first alerted me to this feature, noting big marketers will now see their ads exposed. 

My initial thought was “Perfect, I’ll just rip off what’s working for my e-commerce stores!”

But upon closer inspection, it became clear blind copying would likely backfire. 

Here’s why…


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Why Straight Swiping Creatives Can Backfire

While mimicking competitors has surface appeal, consider these risks:

  • You can’t see their ad performance data and iterate accordingly.
  • The ad could be part of a losing split test that gets scrapped.
  • Ethical hazards around intellectual property theft.
  • Destroying your reputation by copying not creating.

Just because a big name runs an ad doesn’t guarantee it converts or even stays active long.

Testing and optimization is ongoing.

So while studying trends makes sense, outright stealing creatives risks catastrophe. 

Avoid this trap through smart filtering.

How to Analyze Competitors Responsibly

View ad transparency tools as market research to identify:

  • Hot niches attracting spending
  • Creative styles and angles that resonate
  • The context around broader campaign messaging

With this bird’s eye view, you can then create original content that better serves audience needs.

Splicing this high-level competitive insight with your unique angle makes success replicable. 

But don’t just carbon copy – innovate.

For example, if fitness pros all run video testimonials, create a new take featuring client interviews. 

Repackage the core idea in a novel way.

This ethical approach lets you build on proven formulas without IP concerns. 

Combine research with creativity.


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Why Original Content Is Still Key

While leveraging competitors’ successes accelerate growth, producing your own creatives remains vital long-term. 


Because it:

  • Establishes you as an authority with original insights
  • Helps you stand out versus copycat competitors
  • Enables nuanced content personalized to your clients
  • Supports owning your unique positioning and brand voice

So analyze others’ approaches for inspiration. 

But keep crafting content only you can create.

How Testing Volume Correlates with Wins

One final note – remember that top advertisers relentlessly test content variations across hundreds of creatives.

So comparably limited testing leaves you at a disadvantage. 

The more you experiment with different angles, the faster you unlock winning formulas.

Consistency and iteration trumps sporadic one-off attempts. 

Play the long game, even as you study competitors short-term.

This balanced approach lets you build on others’ ideas with an ethical twist, while rapidly testing your way to original victories. 

With transparency comes responsibility.

So utilize these new visibility tools wisely as inspiring inputs. 

Not blind copying directives. 

Study smartly. 

Create artfully. 

Optimize relentlessly. 

That's the path to replicating success with integrity.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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