DOVC – #045 – How I Built an Automated Lead Generation Machine That Delivers 150+ Daily Prospects

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How I Built an Automated Lead Generation Machine That Delivers 150+ Daily Prospects

Running a business is thrilling but lead generation is brutal.

Prospecting manually via cold calls and emails is draining when so few convert. 

What if you could automate lead gen to deliver 150+ warm, targeted leads into your funnel daily with no ongoing work?

In this issue, I’ll reveal how I built a lead generation machine that taps into an almost unlimited source of buyers in any niche. 

It pinpoints prime prospects, sends them into my funnel, and follows up automatically via email sequences I can set and forget.

This hands-free system transformed my business growth by:

  • Sending 150+ segmented leads to my funnel daily
  • Following up persistently without any effort from me
  • Producing conversion rates exceeding 70%
  • Generating over $450k in sales in just 10 months

If you want targeted prospects flooding your pipeline around the clock without lifting a finger, you need to build this lead generation beast.

Caught in the Manual Lead Gen Trap

Like all business owners, I struggled mightily with lead generation in the early days. 

My efforts consisted of manually emailing prospects one by one and making awkward cold calls.

The process was painfully tedious and inefficient. 

Out of every 20 prospects contacted, I'd be lucky to get 1 good lead. 

And even those often ghosted before converting to sales.

The constant grind kept my funnel sparse and bottlenecked growth. 

I knew there had to be an easier way than this manual drudgery.

My 3 requirements for a better system:

  1. Find and target ideal prospects automatically
  2. Deliver them into my funnel 24/7
  3. Follow up persistently on autopilot

I brainstormed countless approaches before stumbling upon an unlikely lead source – expired web domains.

Struck Gold in Expired Domains

Here was my “Aha” moment…

What if I could identify websites about to expire, scoop up the domains, and redirect traffic to my funnel? 

I'd tap into a constant tsunami of leads!

Some quick research revealed:

  • Over 2 million domains expire every month
  • Most hosted active sites with traffic before expiring
  • Domains take 30-45 days to fully clear before you can purchase

This meant a never-ending supply of proven business websites I could target and funnel traffic from.

I struck gold!

Now I just needed a way to filter and target domains by niche to align with my business.

Introducing My Automated Lead Generation Machine

Over many sleepless months, I developed a tool that automated this entire process:

🔎 It searches expired domains containing my target keywords

🔎 Filters out irrelevant sites based on metrics like backlinks, history, traffic

🔎 Flags the best domains for acquisition in my niche

🔎 Suggests ideal redirect options to my opt-in funnel

🔎 Tracks and reports traffic sent to my funnel

I call it my “Automated Lead Gen Machine” and it has been a total game changer ever since installation.

Here's a snapshot of how it works its magic daily:

🌀 Pulls in massive domain name data from registrars

🌀 Filters and qualifies the best matches for my business

🌀 Flags these domains and suggests purchase bids

🌀 I acquire top domains and redirect them to my optin funnel

🌀 Visitors get funneled to my email list and sales process

This exponentially expanded my lead pipeline without any added work. 

Now I just check each morning as domain redirects deliver targeted, segmented leads directly into my funnel.

Lead Segmentation Takes Conversions to the Next Level

Funneling general website traffic is one thing. 

But segmenting that traffic for precision targeting takes conversions to another level.

That's why my machine applies 58 filters to characterize website visitors before redirecting them.

It analyzes their:

  • Location
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Language
  • And much more…

With this intel, it sends segmented traffic to the optimal funnel for conversion.

For example, Spanish speakers get sent to my translated funnel. 

Mobile users go to my mobile-optimized version. 

I target regional customers with localized content.

This hyper-personalization results in insane conversion rates surpassing 70% in some funnels.

That's the benefit of segmented, buyer-ready traffic.

Growth Stats That Speak Volumes

I won’t bore you with too many metrics, but here are a few key stats that speak volumes:

  • 52,384 new leads captured in 10 months
  • Over $450k revenue generated and counting
  • $0 spent on ads—100% free organic traffic
  • 148 new leads per day on average
  • Email open rates exceeding 52%

Keep in mind this is only one of my lead generation streams. 

But the results prove how powerful tapping into expiring web domains can be.

All without me lifting a finger after the initial setup. 

That’s the beauty of automation.

Imagine Endlessly Scalable Lead Flow

This system can scale up virtually infinite leads on full autopilot. 

Due to the massive volume of expiring domains, it's limited only by your capacity to filter, acquire, redirect, and convert visitors.

For any business willing to put in the work upfront, it's the ultimate lead generation hack. 

Just set it and watch prospects roll in eternally.

While traffic won't convert at 70% forever, the funnel will be continually optimized over time.

Even at more modest conversion rates, the compounding effect is dramatic over months and years.

If you're ready to flip the switch and turn on automated lead flow, I'm now selectively opening up beta access to my lead generation machine.

Given the immense value, I can only take on a handful of new beta users at this stage. 

But if you understand the life-changing potential, click here to learn more and request access today.

I’ll personally review all requests since I intend to work closely with beta users. 

So if you're serious about leveraging this hands-free lead-generation rocket fuel, apply right away before spots fill up!

Key Takeaways:

  • Manual lead generation like cold calling is frustratingly tedious and ineffective
  • My automated tool identifies 50k+ expired domains daily and flags the best matches
  • Tapping into proven yet expired sites provides massive buyer-ready traffic on autopilot
  • Segmenting traffic before sending to my funnel boosts conversions up to 70%
  • This turned on my lead flow without any further effort required by me
  • $450k+ revenue generated in just 10 months proves how results stack up over time
  • Endless lead flow potential makes this hugely scalable long-term
  • Take your lead gen and sales growth to the next level by leveraging this automation

Ready to tap into the motherlode of automated lead flow? 

Let’s connect and achieve exponential growth together!

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