DOVC – #046 – How I Simplified My Life to Focus on Living in the Present Moment

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How I Simplified My Life to Focus on Living in the Present Moment

As entrepreneurs, it's easy to get caught up in worrying about the future. 

We meticulously plan, analyze data, and stress over potential outcomes. 

But what if all this fixation on tomorrow causes us to miss out on the joys and simplicity of today?

In this issue, I'll share how I've begun living more fully in the present after reading Dale Carnegie's “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.” 

Implementing some of his timeless principles enabled me to:

  • Reduce worrying and rumination
  • Practice mindfulness and presence
  • Focus on fulfilling daily priorities vs long-term projections
  • Cut back on unneeded tasks that caused overwhelm
  • Feel greater gratitude, calm, and enjoyment of each moment

If you find yourself dwelling on the past or future excessively, these tips can help reorient you to the liberating peace of the now. 

Life is too short not to be fully engaged in the gift of this present moment.

The Mental Trap of Endless Worrying

As a passionate entrepreneur, I'm naturally inclined to think ahead. 

I'm always analyzing my business metrics, making plans to scale, and worrying about potential problems or slowdowns.

Recently this excessive future-focus caused me anxiety and prevented me from fully engaging each day. 

I stressed over fluctuating income figures, became mildly obsessed with hypothetical future outcomes, and failed to appreciate the blessings in front of me.

In short, I lived too much in anticipation or recollection versus immersion in the now. 

Have you experienced similar patterns?

Carnegie's book made me realize:

  • Worrying creates suffering yet rarely solves problems
  • Overplanning causes one to miss unforeseen opportunities
  • The future is uncertain – all we have is this moment

This began my shift towards simplifying daily life to inhabit the present more fully.


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Small Daily Steps to Anchor in the Now

I implemented a few habits to keep me focused on the current moment:

  • Take time to pause and breathe deeply when overwhelmed
  • Limit checking business metrics to once daily
  • Delete unnecessary apps that breed distraction
  • Spend more time outside immersed in nature
  • Write in a gratitude journal to highlight daily blessings
  • Try meditation using Headspace (I'm a novice but improving!)
  • Play basketball daily for joyful embodiment in the present

None of these represent monumental change, but together they keep me grounded in each day.

On my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I left my laptop home – a first for a business owner like myself! 

This prevented falling into work habits and created more spaciousness.

I simply walked leisurely through the city taking in sensory details. 

Ate incredible street food. Connected with helpful strangers. 

Returned fully to my body after years trapped in cerebral overdrive.

That single decision to leave my laptop unlocked profound presence. 

Try taking one simple step today to anchor yourself back into the now.

It doesn't require a massive overhaul. 

As Carnegie says:

“In the minute that we live, in that minute we can change the course of our lives.”

Presence Over Productivity

In this Instagram era, we are conditioned to obsess over productivity hacks and systems for maximum efficiency.

Yet in our race to accomplish more and fill each moment with tasks, we miss out on the texture of life.

True productivity stems from engagement in the present rather than scrambling to prepare for some future hoped-for moment. 

As visionary author Alan Watts noted:

“Zen…does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. 

Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.”

Of course, goals, planning, and hard work are integral. 

But they must be balanced with activities that force presence:

  • Creative hobbies like painting or writing
  • Sports that anchor you in the body
  • Time with loved ones with phones off
  • Nature walks without any agenda

Carve out small windows of time for these vital presence practices. 

You will feel a sense of ease and joy that productivity alone can't provide.


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Focus on Daily Priorities vs. Long-Term Projections

Here's a key distinction Carnegie makes:

Focus on fulfilling your daily priorities versus stressing about long-term projections.

That means breaking your vision down into daily action steps within your control. 

Like calling 5 potential clients or finishing a proposal rather than fixating on revenue goals for the year.

When we get overwhelmed by the enormity of multi-year plans, we become future-focused rather than present-oriented. 

Focus on what concrete actions you can take today.

As Lao Tzu said:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Think Progress Over Perfection

Finally, know that presence is a practice we must work on daily. 

You will still get distracted and slip into autopilot at times. 

Don't judge yourself.

Simply notice when worrying about the future pulls you out of the now and gently redirects back to sensory details like sounds and physical sensations.

Some days I struggle to stay focused in the moment. 

But I celebrate small wins and aim for progress over perfection.

As Carnegie emphasizes, consistency compounds:

“Results come from small, continuous actions.”

The more we practice through meditation, nature immersion, exercise, and focus on priorities we can control, the more present we become.

I hope these reflections help you reduce anxiety about the uncertain future and ground yourself in the joy and simplicity of now.

We have nowhere to get to. As Buddha said:

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

Wishing you full engagement with each moment ahead!

Key Takeaways: Living in the Present

  • Worrying about the future obsessively breeds anxiety and causes us to miss the present
  • Taking small daily actions like meditating, exercising, and spending time in nature boosts presence
  • Focusing on fulfilling daily priorities we control versus long-term projections reduces overwhelm
  • Presence practices like mindful activities balance productivity habits that often distract us
  • Progress in anchoring ourselves in the now is more important than perfection
  • Consistency in being present builds our capacity to reduce worrying over time
  • Life is lived one moment at a time – when we inhabit the now, happiness naturally flows

Ready to stop worrying and experience more peace and fullness day-to-day? 

Let's connect to the present together!

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